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How to Get Full Coverage with Loose Mineral Foundation

Today’s post is a step-by-step tutorial about how to get the ultimate full coverage using PRIIA Cosmetics Essential Cover Loose Mineral Foundation.

There’s actually several ways to do this such as: adding multiple layers of loose foundation and layering our loose and creme foundation together.  However, today we’ll teach you how to do the ‘Boosted Coverage Method”. It’s so easy and perfect for those who use our loose mineral foundation for stage makeup and for those with severe acne/facial redness/hyperpigmentation.

Boosted Coverage Method (excellent for severe acne coverage, stage makeup, bridal, special events)
1. Dispense PRIIA’s loose mineral foundation into the lid of the jar.
2. Lightly mist your Flat Top Brush or Flat Top Buki with a favorite gentle toner (non-acid based) or DISTILLED water (do not use tap water).
3. If the brush is too damp, gently blot off any excess moisture on a tissue or the back of your hand.
4. Dip the brush head into the lid to pick up the product.
5. Apply the product using PRIIA’s signature ‘Stamp & Blend’ method making sure to work quickly and blend out evenly into the hair line, past the jaw line and down onto the neck.

PRIIA LMF 2 PRIIA LMF 3 PRIIA LMF 4 Coverage Booster method2

We hope you enjoyed this product tutorial.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to use the CONTACT US form at

Best Bridal Makeup Tips!

Shutterstock_46610671-Spring 2013 FaceAre you getting married soon?  Are you a bridesmaid in a wedding?  Do you know someone who is getting married?  Are you doing the makeup for a bride and/or her bridal party?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you'll want to take notes.  I'm about to share with you some of the BEST makeup tips for bridal season.

If you're a bride, did you know that the time of day you're getting married directly correlates to how your makeup should be worn?  Yes, it's true.  Pay attention to what I'm about to share with you so that you can look your very best on such a special occasion.

Morning Brides:

If you're getting married in the morning, there is a lot of natural light that always tends to photograph with more of a 'blue' hue.  Less is more when it comes to makeup for a morning bride.  It's the perfect time of day for "natural girls" to get married; not so much for someone with less-than-perfect skin. 

Matte foundation is always a good choice for photos but morning brides can also opt for something that has a slight sheen or dewiness to it, because the morning light offers a nice softness.  Do not use a lot of powder and/or concealer as it will not photograph well.  The goal for a morning bride is to choose a color palette that is warm, soft and subtle on all areas of the face.  Make sure to blend everything well and consider false lashes to define the lashline instead of a heavy layer of eyeliner.

Midday Brides:

During the middle of the day, the sun is directly over head which can be harsh and cast shadows.  Just like morning brides, if your skin is less than perfect, it's not the optimal time to get married.  Also, if you have very deep-set eyes, midday lighting can make your eyes look like "black holes" if you don't choose the correct colors and/or you don't blend your makeup to perfection.

Midday brides should not wear foundation that has any sheen to it- stick to a matte finish.  Blush should be matte as well; creme blush is a great option.  However, if you have oily skin, stick with a powder blush that is matte.  The highlighter shade for the eyes should have a shimmer to it- no frost.  The midtone and accent color for the eyes needs to be matte.  If you do wear eyeliner, keep it extremely close to the lashline and blend, blend, blend. For a midday bride, there is no such thing as overblending!  You can also consider using false lashes to define the eyes instead of worrying about the possibility of eyeliner looking too harsh.

Late-Afternoon Brides:

This is one of the best times of the day to get married!  The sun is beginning to set and it casts as beautiful golden light on everything it touches.  Photos comes out the best in this type of natural lighting.  A late-afternoon bride can choose to be a little more dramatic with her makeup application.  Also, she can wear more powder and concealer to cover up flaws without worrying about looking overly made up.

Since evening is just on the horizon, a photographer will most likely use a flash for pictures.  Make sure to wear enough blush so that you don't look washed out in your photos.  You can choose to use a light application of bronzer as well to add a warm, soft glow.  You may even want to consider "sculpting" your face.  You can learn how to do this contouring trick by reading an article I wrote about how to "sculpt" your face to perfection with mineral makeup


Late-afternoon brides get the "A-OK" to wear richer colors because they don't show up too intense in photos at this time of day.  Your blush can have a shimmer-effect to it and your eye highlighter should be a shimmer as well- no frost.  Choose a matte hue for your midtone and/or accent eye color.  Never use a shimmer for all 3 colors because your eyes will photograph too shiny.  Lastly, you can wear more eyeliner and false lashes should definitely be used for some added glamour.

Evening Brides:

Ah, if you're a "drama queen", then this is the time of day for you!  You can most certainly glam-it-up with color and application.  Smoky eyes are a great choice for evening brides- just remeber to go neutral on the lips.

The key to evening bridal makeup is to make sure everything is well-defined: eyes, lips and cheeks.  However, well-defined DOES NOT necessarily mean you have to go darker with colors.  You can add more drama with brighter colors, bronzer and also from contouring your face.  Remember, all photos will be taken with a flash so you want to avoid looking washed out and 'flat'.  Choose eye colors with flair and shimmer but NO frost in order to avoid looking overly shiny.  False lashes are really a must-have for evening weddings because they really help to define the lashline.  Also, if you have very light brown to blonde hair, make sure to use a brow definer so that your brows show up in the photos and don't get washed out by the camera's flash.

Bridal Makeup Quick Tips:

-Bridesmaids should NEVER be more made up than the bride- no exceptions.

-Bridesmaids' makeup doesn't have to match- just the intensity of the makeup has to match.

-ALWAYS do a trial run for hair and makeup!

-Get bridal ready in this order: Hair then makeup then dress

-If you dont' like false lashes or can't wear them, just be sure to curl your lashes really well and then layer your mascara to get really nice defined eyes.

-If a bride and groom lick their lips before they kiss, the lipstick will not transfer. (yes, this really does work!)

If you follow the advice I've given you, your wedding day look AND photos will be picture-perfect!



-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)


Advanced Mineral Makeup Techniques For The LIPS

Welcome to Part 3 of my three part series called "The Fortune is in the Face". Todays lesson is all about using advanced mineral makeup techniques to enhance your lips to achieve the perfect pout. Enjoy!


The lip shape determines how to correct the shape of the lips using a lip liner pencil.  When in doubt, always use a lip-colored or neutral lip liner.


Always start with a fresh BLANK canvas!  Apply foundation and powder over the lips. Next, determine the lip shape and make any corrections if necessary.


Down-turned lips: Slightly round off the edges of the lips with liner.


Uneven lips: One lip is usually more full than the other.  Decide which lip you want to correct; make one more full or less full.


Flat lips: There is no ‘pucker’ to the mouth from a side profile angle.  Use lip-colored liner and light colored lipstick or light reflective gloss on the entire lip area.


Small/thin: Slightly overdraw the natural lip line and use a light colored lipstick or light reflective gloss on the entire lip area.  Avoid dark, matte colors.  It's NOT true that women over a certain age should avoid darker lip colors. It has more to do with the SIZE of your lips.


Large/full: Slightly under draw the lip line.  With full lips it’s OK to use deeper colors and matte or satin lip formulas.


*TIP:  To create a dramatic pucker, don’t fill in the center portion of the lips with liner. Apply lipstick or gloss as usual and then top off the center portion of the lips with a shimmer gloss.


*TIP:  Apply lipstick or lip gloss with a lip brush.  This helps the lip color last longer because a brush helps deposit color into the small indentations of the lips.

Rule of Thumb:  Always make sure the lips are exfoliated and hydrated properly!

In need of some great lippie products for achieving the perfect pout?  Look no further! Whether your a gloss gal or a lipstick lady, PRIIA Cosmetics has got you covered! Check out our About2Pout Natural Lip Gloss and our Pucker Upz Lip Infusion Natural Lipstick.  Your lips never had it so good!

Lips Shapes


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)

Advanced Mineral Makeup Techniques For The EYES

Welcome to Part 2 of my three part series called "The Fortune is in the Face".  Todays lesson is all about using advanced mineral makeup techniques to enhance your beautiful peepers. Enjoy!


I believe ANYONE can wear ANY color!  There is no right or wrong per se when choosing colors for the eyes!  It’s more about the shape of the eye and where to apply highlights, midtones and accents.  If you’re very unsure as to which colors to choose, choose neutral colors based on your skin tone or refer back to the color wheel and choose colors that are complimentary to the eye color.


Best Types of Eye
Shadow to Use:

Matte or Satin.  Shimmers/Glitters/Frosts should be used sparingly unless creating a dramatic effect or doing teen makeup.  Satin shadows work best for highlighting and accenting.  Matte shadows work well as midtones.


Eye Lateral

Determines how to apply the eye liner.


Close-set: The space between
the hairline and the eye is GREATER
than the space between the eyes.  Liner
should be applied half way (pupil) outward to the edge of the eye.


Wide-set: The space between
the hairline and the eye is LESS than
the space between the eyes.  Liner should
be applied all the way across the eye from inner corner to outer edge.


Eye Shapes: Basic (average), Close-set, Wide-set, Prominent (bulging), Hooded (naturally or from age), Deep-set, Down-turned.

Various eye shapes

For Down-turned or “droopy” eyes:
Similar application to ‘Average Eyes’ except make sure the accent color starts slightly inward from the outside
corner of the eye.


Concealing Dark
Circles & Under Eye Puffiness:

Use a salmon-colored (NOT yellow) concealer to conceal dark circles as this will neutralize blue/purple/red
discolorations.  For puffiness, ONLY conceal the shadow the raised/puffy area creates- not the actual ‘puffed’
area.  By concealing only the shadowed area, it helps to make the raised area appear flat and even with the rest of the face.  In need of a great salmon-colored under eye concealer?  Look no further!  Give PRIIA's Mineral Under Eye Concealer a try!  It's the best thing since sliced bread!

Stay tuned for next weeks lesson: LIPS


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral makeup Coach)

Advanced Mineral Makeup Techniques For The FACE

Welcome to a 3-part tutorial on advanced mineral makeup techniques!  This 3-part series is entitled "The Fortune is in The Face" and it will help you solve 3 areas of concern for women: Face, Eyes & Lips.  Enjoy!

There are 9 basic facial shapes: Round, Square, Heart, Pear/Triangle, Oblong, Rectangle, Diamond, Inverted Triangle, Oval.


An oval-shaped face is considered the perfect facial shape.  It’s easy to achieve an oval-shaped face with nothing more than foundation and powder.

Sculpting the Face to Perfection:

The following technique will add color, warmth and life to EVERY face.  The subtle effect of facial sculpting can
also add a youthful glow to your complexion and make fuller faces appear much slimmer and younger.

Basic facial “sculpting” involves highlighting and contouring the face.  Highlighting or lightening brings everything forward.  Contouring or darkening/deepening makes everything recede.

Through facial sculpting, we pull forward the area of the face we want to see (the oval area) and push back the areas we don’t want to see. 

What you need to start: 3 shades of foundation or powder (highlight powder and bronzers) in 3 different DEPTH levels.


  1. First color choice should MATCH your skin exactly- your true foundation color.  For example, let's say you wear NEUTRAL BEIGE in PRIIA's Essential Cover Loose Mineral Foundation.
  2. Second choice is your HIGHLIGHT color.  This color should be one level LIGHTER than your first color; preferably with the same undertone. (Your choice would be Neutral Ivory Foundation)
  3. Third choice is your CONTOUR shade.  It should be one level DEEPER; preferably with the same undertone.  Here’s where you can use matte bronzers if you choose.  DO NOT USE BLUSH TO
    CONTOUR. (You could use Neutral Tan Foundation)

 To begin sculpting: 

  1. Apply the first color (true foundation color) in a light layer all over the face.  Visualize an OVAL on your
    face.  The width of the oval is your eye sockets; the height and length of the oval extends from the tip ofyour forehead to the tip of your chin. The reason behind envisioning an oval is to help see where to
    highlight and contour.   
  2. Next, apply your second color (highlight color) to the high points inside the oval.  These include: forehead, under the eyes at the top of your cheekbones (zygomatic arch), and the tip of the chin. 
  3. Finally, apply your third color (contour color) to the areas OUTSIDE of the oval such as temples, along the hairline and sides of the cheeks down to the jaw.  Finish off the look with a light dusting of powder in either translucent or one that matches the true skin tone.


*TIP: If you want more of a dramatic appearance (i.e. special events, photo shoots, etc.), then choose a more dramatic contrast between the 3 shade choices.  Just remember, the more dramatic your color choices, the more carefully and thoroughly you’ll need to blend the shades together.

Rule of Thumb: With ivory/beige skin tones, you will CONTOUR more than you highlight.  With bronze/ebony skin, you will HIGHLIGHT more than you contour.

Was this post helpful to you?  Let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series: EYES


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)

How to Cover a Blemish with PRIIA’s Loose Mineral Foundation

Picture this…

You’re getting ready to go out for a night on the town when you discover a large, red pimple smack in the middle of your nose. You frantically search your makeup bag for your handy-dandy PRIIA face concealer only to realize you’re all out. All you have is your PRIIA Essential Cover Loose Mineral FoundationWhat’s a girl to do??? 

Have No Fear- The Mineral Makeup Coach is Here!

_MG_1099 Neutral BeigeFirst, take a deep breath (just not over your opened jar of loose minerals, please).  All you need for this seemingly impossible task is your PRIIA loose mineral foundation.  Say what???  Yes, you heard that right and here's your step-by-step instructions…

Do your normal foundation application with our skin-loving flat top foundation brush.  Wait a few seconds to let the minerals begin to work with your skin’s own natural chemistry. Next, take our taklon concealer brush and gently dip it into your Essential Cover loose mineral foundation. Make sure to really work the minerals into the brush.  Take your concealer brush and gently pat it onto the problem area until it’s completely covered.  Don't swipe it on and don’t stray too far “outside the lines”.  Make sure to blend any obvious edges.  You can ‘set’ this concealer trick with some HydraPrime or Behave Finishing Powder using the same concealer brush or clean fingers.

Voila! Your problem is GONEat least visually it is.

You see, covering up a raised area of skin such as in the case of a blemish or keloid-type scar, can be difficult.  The reason being is that the pore or pores are stretched making it sometimes tricky to cover them successfully with a cream-based product.  It just seems to slide around and not 'stick'.  Our Essential Cover Loose Mineral Foundation is made to adhere to the skin and that’s why this trick works so well. 

Another added benefit to using your PRIIA loose mineral foundation to cover these types of problems is that you will have an EXACT match to the rest of your face. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen botched concealer jobs on women.  They either choose a concealer that is too light or too dark for their skin tone.  In either case, the problem they are trying to cover up is only made MORE noticeable.  Don’t make this mistake.  You’ll only having people staring at you funny.  Trust me on this.

So there you have it.  Another makeup emergency solved.  If you haven’t tried PRIIA’s fabulous products, what are you waiting for?  Get on over to and get yourself some samples.  You can thank me later.


(a.k.a The Mineral Makeup Coach)

How To Have Perfect Holiday Party Lips!

The holidays are here and it's party time!  Here are some simple tips to achieve and keep the perfect holiday pout…

The color trends this year are all about reds, plums and burgundy and are NOT overdone with liner or too much gloss.  Instead, keep a soft-edge look because it's more current and fresh.  Even though I still advocate the use of a lip liner all the time, be sure to blend it well for this season's look- NO TELL-TALE HARSH LINES PLEASE.

When applying lipstick, use a lip brush instead of applying it straight from the tube.  A lip brush helps to distribute the product better on the lips making the application last longer.

Next, blot the lips lightly and then apply a sheer gloss.  Since matte lips are out this season, choose a gloss that has some shimmer to it to really highlight the lips.  Shimmer glosses also give the appearance of fuller lips.

Looking for some fantastic lip products that will give you a sexy pout while keeping your lips soft and moisturized at the same time?  Consider PRIIA Cosmetics About2Pout Natural Lip Gloss and Pucker Upz Lip Infusions.  Both products have inexpensive sample sizes available.  Here are some hot holiday color suggestions for you as well:  Brazen Raisin, Purity, Sangria, Reddy Set Red, Cha-Cha Cherry, Plumb Crazy and Dragon Fruit.

Pink Lips Here's to sexy lips this holiday season!  Mmmmwwwaaaah!

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The Best Way To Apply Body Shimmer Powder

I just LOVE body shimmer powder!  When I wear it, it makes me feel sexy, daring & alluring.  But, I can't stand how it can make a THOROUGH mess when applying it.

So, I found an easy way to apply body shimmer powder, like PRIIA Cosmetics new BODY SPARX, that helps it stay on longer while creating less mess.

Tn_Body Sparx Group First, dispense some body shimmer powder onto a body puff.  Then, fold the puff in half as if you were making a taco.  Work the sides of the puff back and forth against each other.  This makes the powder actually go into the puff as a opposed to just sitting on top of the puff.

Lastly, instead of patting the puff all over the body as you normally would, gently place the puff on your body and 'press and roll'.  By pressing & rolling the puff onto your skin, the shimmer powder 'sticks' better and does not create a cloud of body shimmer residue.

Give this tip a try…it really works!

Have you tried PRIIA Cosmetics new BODY SPARX scented body shimmer powder yet?  No? Well what are you waiting for?  Inexpensive samples can be purchased here.  BODY SPARX makes a PERFECT stocking stuffer gift for all the ladies on your list this holiday season!

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How To Make Your Lipstick Application Last Longer with 3 Simple Steps

Woman applying lipstick Don't ya just hate it when your lipstick comes off within an hour of applying it?  If so, then here's 3 simple tips that will extend the life of your lipstick while it's on your lips…

1) Make sure your lips are exfoliated properly.  Dry, flaky lips will not hold onto any type of pigment well at all.  Here's a great DIY recipe for a lip exfoliator you can mix up home for smooth lips: LIP EXFOLIATOR

2) Use a little foundation with some setting powder over top of your entire lip area before applying your lipstick.  Not only will this help with making your lipstick stay put longer, it also creates a 'blank canvas' for you to create an entirely new lip line if you want to!

3) Use a lip liner pencil to not only outline the lips, but also fill them in.  By filling the lips in with liner, your lipstick will adhere better, plus you'll have leftover color on the lips from the liner even after your lipstick finally wears off. 

In need of some great lip products to keep your pout looking perfect?  Consider trying PRIIA Cosmetic's line of natural lip products.  From glosses to natural liners, PRIIA Cosmetics has something for everyone's lips including inexpensive sample sizes so you can test drive the products first!

Question:  Were these tips helpful to you?  Let me know because I'd love to hear from you! Thank you.

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A Cool Mineral Makeup Look For The Summer

Summer is here even though it's been really cold and rainy in my neck of the woods.  But, regardless of what the weather is right now, it's going to get HOT.

The makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2009 is all about keeping your look soft and sweet.  A lot of pastels are used.  So, I thought I'd share with you a recent look I wore that landed me a lot of compliments from clients, friends and family.  Everyone wanted to know what I was wearing, so here goes…

_MG_0883web Cool look 
*All mineral makeup by PRIIA Cosmetics

First, I wore a light application of Essential Cover Mineral Foundation in GOLDEN BEIGE 2 (my current color) mixed together with a sprinkling of Vacation In A Jar mineral bronzer which gave me a radiant, sun-kissed look.  Next, I applied a gentle sweep of CheekWhisperz Loose Mineral Blush in DUSTY ROSE along my cheek bones.  Then, I added a soft 'pop' of color in CheekWhisperz DELICATE PINK blush on the apples of my cheeks.

                Dusty Rose                   Delicate Pink              

For my eyes, I applied PEARL BERRY Mineral Satin Shadow all over the lids up to the brow bone.  In the crease and on the lid, I blended in JADED LADY Mineral Matte Shadow.  On top of that, I blended CHILLED GRAPES Mineral Satin Shadow into the crease and outter corners of my eyes.  I topped off this eye look with smudging into the lash line ROYAL PLUM Eyelinez eye liner.

Tn__MG_1149a Pearl Berry _MG_0999 _MG_1151b Chilled Grapes _MG_1156b Royl Plum liner
Pearl Berry              Jaded Lady               Chilled Grapes          Royal Plum

I lined my lips with ROSY MAUVE Liplinez lip liner and then applied ABOUT2POUT Natural Lip Gloss in PINK GELATO.

_MG_1162c Rosy Mauve liner _MG_1009aPINK GELATO
 Rosy Mauve                  Pink Gelato

Voila!  An easy, yet soft and beautiful Summer makeup look that took me all of 5 to 7 minutes to complete.  Oh, and by the way, that's NOT me in the picture above.  But I guess you've already figured that one out.  I had forgotten to take a picture of myself wearing this look, so I sketched it out using the actual colors (sans foundation & bronzer).

QUESTIONWhat kind of makeup look do YOU wear in the summer?  Do you tend to follow the trends or just stick with what you know?  Leave your comment below.  I'd love to hear from you!

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