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Do YOU Have a Favorite Beauty Tool? I Do Now…

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2010 is starting off wonderfully for you.

Today, I'm asking you a question: What's YOUR Favorite Beauty Tool?

Is there something in your arsenal of beauty products/equipment that is an absolute must-have?

For Christmas, Santa gave me an In-Styler.  You may have seen the informercials for this product.  It's a hair straightening/hair curling rotating iron gizmo that claims to give your hair a shiny, glossy appearance without damage while it straightens or curls.

I have naturally curly hair and it takes FOREVER to blow it out straight.  When I do style it this way, it can still look a little frizzy- even with all the smoothing products I use in it beforehand.

Enter the In-styler…

In Styler

WOW! This piece of beauty equipment is AWESOME!  It really does straighten my hair without any frizziness and it's quick.  I haven't noticed any damage either as a result of using it.  It takes a little bit of a learning curve to use it- I found it a somewhat cumbersome at first.  But, once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze.  It's now a definite MUST HAVE for me.

One piece of advice before using the In-Styler… don't put any styling aids in your hair BEFORE using it.  That means NO mousse, gel, hair spray, pommade, etc.  The In-Styler seems to drag along the hair if you use these kinds of things beforehand and you don't get a smooth finish.  That's just my experience…

So, if the In-Styler was on your Christmas list but Santa didn't deliver, go out and buy it for yourself.  It's definitely worth it!

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Cactus and Ivy’s Dreamy New Soy Indulgence Body Care Line

A few weeks ago, Lisa Rodgers of Cactus and Ivy bath and bodycare, ran a contest on her blog, The Southern Accent.  She had recently adopted two adorable little kittens and wanted help naming them.  Lisa described their coloring and personality types and contestants had to suggest names for these little bundles of fun.  The names that Lisa and her husband liked the best would receive full-size products of her latest creation- The Soy Indulgence Bath & Bodycare Line!

Well, yours truly was a winner!  Lisa and her husband loved the name 'BUNGEE' I chose for their little gray kitten who likes to jump.  I was ecstatic to hear the news when Lisa contacted me to let me know I had won.  But, I was really in 7th Heaven when I received my goodies in the mail the following week!

Oh Soy Good For You!

Lisa said the idea to create a soy-based bodycare collection came to her in a dream.  Well Lisa, your products really are D-R-E-A-M-Y!  The Soy Indulgence collection consists of: Creamy Coconut Soy Luster, Shea & Soy Body Melt, Soy Milk Lip Balm, and Coconut Soy Bath Grains

1227501192_Soy-Indulgence-Line The powerhouse behind this line is the soybean oil.  It's rich in Vitamin E and high in lecithin.  Soybean oil helps to soften and repair damaged skin while helping to retain the natural moisture balance.

I can already tell you that my favorite product so far is the Shea & Soy Body Melt.  It's packaged in a convenient roll-up tube that you can simply apply anywhere on your skin that needs some serious TLC.  

Thank you Lisa & Cactus and Ivy for chosing me to be one of the lucky recipients of these incredibly luxurious bath & body products!  Give Bungee a little 'thank you' hug too!

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The Secret Benefits of Pumpkin!


-The Mineral Makeup Coach

The Secret Benefits Of Pumpkin!

Pumpkins Oh pumpkin pumpkin how I love thee!  There's more to you than the eye can see!

For most of us, when we think of pumpkins, images of jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pie usually come to mind.  This is all well and good but there's more to pumpkins than meets the eye!

Serious Skin Care Benefits

For years, pumpkin seed extract obtained from the Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seedcake has been used to treat all sorts of health concerns such as prostrate issues, arthritis and even intenstinal parasites!  However, there are also some amazing skin care benefits as well!  Read on…

Pumpkin seed extract is an active cosmetic ingredient which contains amino acids, phytosterols, Vitamins A, C, K & E, B Vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, selenium, iron, phosphorous and most notably, zinc. 

This special extract has been shown to stimulate collagen growth and help inhibit other factors that lead to the breakdown of collagen in our skin.  In body care products, pumpkin is proving useful in the prevention and alteration of stretch marks (Hallelujah!).  Pumpkin pulp contains powerful enzymes to help exfoliate the skin by digesting dead skin cells revealing a radiant complexion.  Simply put, using products with pumpkin seed extract and pumpkin pulp help to exfoliate dull skin, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while creating firmness and elasticity in the skin.  Wow! Sign me up!

Time To Go Shopping!

So, where can you find THE BEST products available today which are utilizing this amazing ingredient?  Just look below!  I've taken the liberty of doing the leg work for you by listing out the creme de la creme of pumpkin beauty products.  Not only do they work but they look, feel and smell D-I-V-I-N-E!  Any of these products will make the PERFECT spa treat for yourself or a fantastic holiday gift for someone you know.

All of the products featured here are made by members of The Indie Beauty Network.  I'm proud to showcase these amazing companies because their products are lovingly crafted by hand and are of the highest artisanal quality without using nasty chemicals and ingredients you can't pronounce.  A lot of love and care goes into these goodies!  Enjoy!

Pumpkin Products! Pumpkin Products! Get Your Pumpkin Products!

Pumpkin Seed Shampoo and Conditioner by SEVI Organics: A gentle shampoo and nourishingPumpkinseedshampoo    conditioner containing unrefined organic pumpkin seed oil.  Great for minor skin and scalp conditions as well as a delightful aromatic experience!  $15

Pumpkin Patch Gift Set by Bath and Body Bliss: An adorable gift set featuring  Pumpkin Patch Scrub and lotion (choose from tons of scents but I would go for the pumpkin spice, pumpkin crunch or pumpkin pie) packaged in a wooden crate with vintage label. $14.50  Don't forget to also check out their Pumpkin scented Soy Candles!

Pumpkin Apple Butter Soap by Touch Of Nature: A creamy organic soap blend that leaves the skin soft and smooth not to mention it has an incredible PumpkinSoap aroma! $5.99

Spiced Pumpkin Creme Sugared Body Polish by Flower Peddler Bath & Beauty: Pumpkin pulp combined with pumpkin seed oil, pure cane sugar, rich oils and shea butter help dissolve and whisk away dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling soft, radiant and moisturized! $17.95

Pumkin Spice Hand & Nail Care Kit by Zularis Naturals: A total 'treat' for your hands, nails and feet!  The scrub also contains pumpkin pulp which offers the added benefits of exfoliating enzymes! $29.75

The Indian Summer Trio By Cactus & Ivy: This amazing product line offers 3 delightful bath & body concoctions including the Pumpkin & Shea Body Souffle. (***my husband stole this product from me for his dry skin and each time he puts some on his legs our dog, Scrappy, likes to lick it off!) $15.50Indian-Summer-Trio3_small

Warming Pumpkin Masque By Bella Lucce: A wonderful facial masque that I have personally used in my private skin care practice for my seasonal Pumpkin Delight Facial.  This masque helps to dissolve dead skin cells, deep clean the pores and impart much needed nutrients into the skin. $16.00 

Holiday 2008 Spiced Pumpkin Body Scrub by Shea & Company:  A delightful scrub that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients for the skin.  This is defintely a 'guilt-free' treat!  $24.50 

SpicedPumpkinScrub And last but not least, Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Founder & CEO of The Indie Beauty Network, demonstrates how to use and apply a wonderful pumpkin masque, Face Food by Saphoros Spa Essentials.  Personally I have to give Donna Maria some MAJOR KUDOS here.  Any woman who is willing to be videotaped and blasted across the internet wearing no makeup and slappin' on a pumpkin facial masque deserves a shout out!  WOO HOO DONNA MARIA! You Go Girl!


All of these products that I've showcased in this post are simply fabulous.  Each Indie company featured here brings something beautiful, creative & unique to the table. 

Help me to make sure that Indie companies like these as well as my company, PRIIA Cosmetics, will be able to continue to bring you these fabulous hand-crafted beauty items for many years to come.  If you haven't done so already, please sign the petition against the FDA Globalization Act 2008.  A banner link to the petition and more information is located at the top right hand side of this blog.

Thank you for your support and happy pumpkin product shopping!

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-The Mineral Makeup Coach