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Acne-Safe Tinted Mineral SPF40 is here!!!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new acne-safe tinted mineral SPF40!

It’s a 100% acne-safe physical sunblock that contains both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which provides broad spectrum coverage from both harmful UVA and UVB rays.

This silky-smooth lightweight tinted SPF40 also doubles as a primer to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines/wrinkles.

It’s also Water Resistant up to 80 minutes!

This product comes in one universal shade that is appropriate for most skin tones. If desired, you can mix a little of this product with your regular SPF to ‘lighten’ the tint.

Using a separate primer is NOT necessary after using this product since it already has a primer built into it.  So, if you have our acne-safe primer, you don’t need to use that on the days you choose to wear the acne-safe tinted mineral SPF40.

This is the PERFECT product to use when you don’t want to be bothered putting on foundation but you still want a “finished” look!

How to use: Dispense a nickle-sized amount of our acne-safe tinted mineral SPF40 into your hands and apply evenly all over the face. Be sure to blend well. You can apply our foundations over top and/or just our HydraPrime or BEHAVE Finishing Powder to complete your look. *Thoroughly wash hands after application as this product may stain some fabrics.

Both full-size ($44) and sample sizes ($3.50) are available. We encourage all customers to purchase sample sizes BEFORE committing to full-size products.  Get yours today at!

Swimming and Acne: What’s the Connection?

I just love a nice dip in the pool. It clears my mind and I feel so refreshed when I’m swimming. Unfortunately, my skin doesn’t like the pool.  I breakout.  Maybe you do too. Here’s why there’s a direct correlation between swimming and acne breakouts.

Pools have to be disinfected in order to not be a public health hazard.  Unfortunately, those disinfectants are made up of chlorine and iodides.  Both of these materials are known irritants for acne-prone skin.  The same is true for salt water pools- the sodium chloride is an acne-aggravator.

Does this mean you should avoid swimming at all costs if you have acne? No.

This may sound strange but apply a very thin layer of Vaseline to your face (and body if you have body acne) before going into the pool.  The thin coating of Vaseline will act as an occlusive barrier to the pool’s chemical disinfectants. Despite what you may have read on the Internet, Vaseline will NOT clog your skin- it is non-comedogenic.  The molecule is simply too large to penetrate the pores.

Don’t want to use Vaseline on your face? Consider using PRIIA’s Acne-Safe Lip Treatment Balm. It will do the same thing as Vaseline: it will create an an occlusive barrier protecting your skin from those acne aggravating chemicals PLUS it has some pretty great skin soothing ingredients in it as well. 

After swimming, don’t forget to shower immediately! Use our acne-safe makeup remover first to breakdown the Vaseline or balm and then use a skin type appropriate cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the face and body.

Acne Cosmetica: Breakouts From Makeup

If you’re an acne-prone individual, you need to be careful with the cosmetic products you’re using as many contain hidden pore clogging ingredients.  When you breakout from makeup, this is a condition known as ACNE COSMETICA.

The most frustrating part about Acne Cosmetica is that you may be using products that say: “won’t clog your pores”, “hypoallergenic” or “oil-free” yet they are actually what’s causing your breakouts or making your existing acne worse.

Another frustration many acne sufferers experience is that the products they’re using may have been orginally safe for acne but now the formula has changed and it’s comedogenic.  There is no way to know if a formula has changed unless you check the ingredient decks with every purchase. Let’s be honest- most consumers don’t check ingredient labels with the FIRST purchase nevermind with subsequent purchases. Plus, the large cosmetics manufacturers CONSTANTLY change their formulas.  At the end of the day, the acne-prone consumer is left feeling confused, frustrated and defeated when breakouts occur and yet they haven’t changed anything within their routine.

What should you do?  BE YOUR OWN ACNE ADVOCATE.

But how do you become your own advocate to avoid Acne Cosmetica?  Use PRIIA’s PORE CLOGGERS LIST to check your products’ ingredient decks.  In all honesty, this is an arduous task and this list is by no means the “be all end all” of pore clogging ingredients but it’s a good start. Your best bet?  Switch out your cosmetics to our line, PRIIA minerale-derm.  Our formulas are not only 100% acne-safe but they’re also beneficial to acne-prone skin.  They are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic which means they won’t clog your pores OR contribute to acne breakouts. Our products have helped thousands of acne sufferers.  Give us try today.  It’s a step in the right direction on the path to having clear skin!


Makeup Brushes: How To Properly Care For Them

Let’s face it, when you purchase high-quality, professional makeup brushes, you are making a significant investment.  In order to protect your investment, proper care of your brushes is makeup brushnot only highly recommended, but essential.

Properly cleaning your makeup brushes will save you time, money, and even your skin! Each time you use your brushes, they become contaminated with skin oils, bacteria, debris, and old, oxidized colors. Cleaning your brushes will help remove these contaminants so that your makeup application will not only be easier, but also be fresher and cleaner. Plus, your brushes will last so much longer.

Your brushes should be thoroughly cleaned at least once per week with a gentle brush shampoo or ultra gentle facial cleanser.  It doesn’t need to be a hassle- all you need is about 5 minutes.

How To Wash Your Brushes:

♦ Simply run your brushes under warm water and apply the cleanser to the bristles. Gently massage the cleanser into the hairs or fibers, but do not fully submerge the brush in water. Always point your brushes downward, taking care not to get water into the ferrule, the part of the brush that connects to the handle and the bristles. Getting water into the ferrule will loosen the bristles, causing the brush to shed excessively. Continue to wash the brush thoroughly, butsilicone brush cleaning glove gently, until there isn’t any more pigment coming out from the bristles.  To make your life even easier, we recommend a silicone brush cleaning glove or mat.  You can find one here at Amazon.

♦ Next, gently squeeze out any excess water, re-shape the bristles if necessary, and lay your brushes flat to dry on a paper towel. Never stand the brushes upright to dry.

♦ Last but not least, once your brushes are dry, store them in a closed container such as a clean makeup case or even a plastic bag. This will prevent environmental pollutants such as dust, pet dander, and mold spores from finding their way onto your makeup brushes and eventually onto your skin.

We recommend using a brush cleaner spray, such as Cinema Secrets, for in-between cleanings cinema secrets brush cleanerto help remove daily residue.  It thoroughly dissolves all mineral pigments, sebum buildup and whisks away dead skin cells, leaving your brushes fresh, clean and ready for the next application. Plus it’s acne-safe!  You can purchase it on Amazon.

It’s important to note that not all makeup brushes are created equal. You have animal hair brushes and then there’s synthetic brushes.  All of PRIIA’s brushes are synthetic.  They are made of a nylon fiber, are extremely durable and will last almost a lifetime if cared for properly.  We chose not to offer animal brushes because the question of animal cruelty is always front and center for us.  Plus, animal hair brushes do not wear as well as their synthetic counterparts.  Just like the hair on your head, makeup brushes made from animal hair can get roughned cuticles on the hair. When the cuticles are roughned, the brush starts to feel ‘scratchy’ and can actually cause small micro-tears in the skin when applying your makeup.  These micro-tears create inflammation and we all know where that leads…red, itchy and inflamed skin.  Ouch.

And one last thing…

All of these brush cleaning tips won’t mean a thing if you don’t actually do them. So go ahead and get to protecting your investment!  One…Two…Three…WASH!

Esthetician Follows Her PRIIA Dream

esthetician kristaMy name is Krista Winters. I did not always know I wanted to be an esthetician, but from a young age I did know I loved makeup.  When I was younger I played with my mom’s makeup like most little girls, but when I was twelve and suffered a dog bite on my face makeup was a daily part of life.  As a teenager makeup and skincare played an even bigger role for me when I had the usual acne along with scars from the dog bite.  Kids can be mean and teenagers can be cruel.  The combination of deep, red scars and acne took a major toll on my already fragile self-esteem. I was constantly looking for quality makeup that wouldnt irritate my already sensitive skin and I was desperate to find someone to help with my skin care issues.  I tried numerous dermatologists over the years who prescribed me all different oral and topical medications but nothing seemed to work.

I met Kelley Maddison, a licensed esthetician and acne specialist, who would come to change my life more than I could imagine.  I started seeing her regularly and by following her advice and using the proper products, I could see a dramatic difference. When she started her makeup line, PRIIA Cosmetics, I started using that too.  I had never received so many compliments in my life (about a problem area of mine none the less).  Any time I had a question about my skin, Kelley was always there to answer me thoroughly, and in a prompt manner at that.  My skin was looking good, and with makeup on it, it looked airbrushed.  The amount of self confidence I felt from finally finding a product that changed the way I thought about myself was unbelievable.  The way people treat you when you look good and feel good is really life changing.

After going to college like I thought I was supposed to, I still didn’t know what I wanted to be. However, I had worked a few different jobs and knew what I didn’t want to do or what kind of people I did not want to work for. I still saw Kelley for my skincare and I was always so impressed by what she was able to do and the type of person she was. I decided that I wanted to work for her. At the time she did not have a position available for me but encouraged me to go to esthetics school to persue something I was actually passionate about.  While attending beauty school Kelley acted like a mentor to me and once again any time I struggled or had questions, she was right there to guide me and help me through.  When I became a licensed esthetician, I felt on top of the world with a wealth of knowlege and a thirst to help other people struggling like I had.  I worked for a while as an esthetician and then I got an email that really changed my life.

Priia was hiring.  I had an opportunity to work with my mentor and help make a product I believe in 100%. Priia has been one of the few things in my life that I have been passionate about in every way.  This makeup gives me the confidence to make eye contact and feel like the person across from me is looking at a polished version of myself, rather than any imperfections I may feel are distracting.  Being able to work with Kelley and work for Priia is a dream come true.  Having the opportunity to give someone else the gift Kelley gave me makes going to work worth it and gives my life a purpose that is truly fulfilling.

PRIIA Cosmetics Launches it’s NEW 100% Acne Safe Makeup Line!

We are thrilled to have launched our new 100% acne safe + beneficial for acne-prone skin makeup line called:




This one-of-a-kind mineral makeup is specifically formulated to address the needs of acneic skin types.  Here’s why PRIIA™ is the perfect choice in makeup for anyone suffering from acne:

1. PRIIA™ helps to reduce inflammation and protect the skin barrier with calming and soothing botanicals.  Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin.

2. PRIIA™ helps to reduce and inhibit 5α reductase (enzyme that predominates in the sebaceous glands, influencing sebum [facial oil] production in the condition of acne) through the use of our proprietary blend of specific botanicals called DERMA-CBI Complex.

3. We only use carefully selected natural oils and waxes that are HIGH in linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) and LOW in oleic acid.  Acne-prone individuals have LOW levels of linoleic acid due to increased sebum levels.  When sebum levels rise, the concentration of linoleic acid significantly decreases.  Linoleic acid preserves the integrity of the follicle and reduces inflammatory responses.

4. We formulate with natural and highly effective ingredients that inhibit Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), the micro-organism bacteria that live on the surface of the skin and contribute to acne breakouts.

Wondering if this is the right makeup line for you?  We offer most of our products in generous samples sizes to try BEFORE you buy a full-size version.  Take us for a test drive today.  Your skin will thank you!

Got questions or need help?  Contact us today!  We’ll be happy to assist you!

PRIIA’s Customers Speak Out!

Surprise galsI just LOVE hearing positive feedback about the products my company, PRIIA Cosmetics, has to offer.  It's especially gratifying when a glowing review comes in from someone who was pretty skeptical about mineral makeup.

As a part of my business model, I offer my products at wholesale.  This means that qualified business owners can partner with PRIIA to sell my branded name products or they have the option to put their name on these goodies (private label).  Recently, a private label customer emailed me to let me know that her mom is now 'hooked' on the makeup and she just had to share the story of how this came to be.  Read on…

"Hi Kelley!

Wanted to share…my mom was recently visiting and tried the makeup.  She is floored and EXTREMELY grateful that you created a line that she has searched for, for 60 years.  She tossed all her other makeup in the trash while she was here and has completely converted to PRIIA! 

It was funny, after I showed her how to apply it (she watched me put on my makeup, completely doubting the stamp and blend process because 'that is just too easy'), then she applied it herself…she hated it initially.  Her first response was, 'See- for you, you don't need the coverage.  It doesn't cover anything. It's too light- I think I need a darker shade.'

I told her, 'Wait mom.  Walk away from the mirror.'  I distracted her with coffee and then brought her back into the bathroom.  I wish I had a picture of her reaction. PRICELESS!  I had to remind her that she had just applied mascara, so no crying!

All she kept saying was, 'Oh my GOSH! Wow, my skin is so pretty. And my dark circles are GONE.'  I have to say, the concealer she was previously using (Dermaquest and MAC), was applied so thick because that was the only way to cover the purple.  It made her eyes so heavy and dark.  It aged her probably 5 years every morning.

She looks beautiful!

She's been home for a week and called me yesterday telling me that she couldn't get over looking in the mirror and seeing this version of herself (the version she 'feels' she is) staring back at her.

Thanks for helping me give my mom the BEST Mother's Day gift EVER!  For that, I am eternally grateful!  I wish I lived within 3,000 miles of her. All of her friends would be buying from me." – C.C., Alaska

WOW!  That was an amazing story about how one of my private label clients introduced PRIIA to the people in her circle of influence.  The trickle down theory is clearly at work here.  I've helped this client to start a successful mineral makeup business and she's helping her clients to look their best!  This is why I LOVE what I do.

If you've got a favorite PRIIA product, share it with the people you know and love.  Sharing is caring. You just never know when you can make someone feel great about themselves!

If you're looking for a mineral makeup brand to partner with, give me shout.  I'd love to help become a mineral makeup rockstar too!


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)

PRIIA Cosmetics is Having a Memorial Day Sale!

Happy Memorial Day! From now through Tuesday 5/28/13 at 11:59pm EST, PRIIA Cosmetics is offering a 20% Off site-wide sale!  Go to and enter this coupon code at checkout: Happy20

Stay tuned for some new colors soon to be launched for Spring/Summer 2013!  You're going to LOVE what I've cooked up for your eyes, lips and cheeks!


Have a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoy the discount!


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)

A New Direction for PRIIA Cosmetics?

When I started PRIIA Cosmetics, it was (and still is) my goal to help wowen by creating and offering a line of healthy, natural and artisan-quality cosmetics to the masses.  I also opened the opportunity for business owners and licensed professionals to start their own mineral makeup businesses by purchasing wholesale and using either the PRIIA branded name or going the route of private label.

Recently, I've been contacted by a few customers who have asked if there were any business opportunities for people who aren't licensed professionals or business owners.  Basically, they wanted to know if there were any PRIIA "consultant" positions available; in otherwords, direct sales.  In my mind, I immediately recoiled.  Why?  Well, in a former life, I was involved with many different companies selling anything from candles, to cosmetics, to cleaning products, etc.  I remembered the feelings of having to force myself to just walk up to strangers at the mall or a "home party", introduce myself and get them to listen to my sales pitch.  I absolutely DREADED that.  My stomach would cringe, my palms would sweat and my mouth would get dry.  However, I needed to make the sale because I needed to make money. So, I mustered up the courage to open my mouth.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I wasn't successful with these companies; I was.  I made good money, earned some free trips but I always longed for something better.  I didn't want to be out doing "parties" and lugging stuff around in my trunk.  I didn't want to have to buy inventory,  process orders, make deliveries or worry if a "party" would cancel on me.  Worse yet, I didn't want to beg someone to host a party for me. The idea was that I was supposed to be doing a home-based business, yet I was constantly out delivering products, going to meetings, etc.  I wasn't really home much at all.  I longed for a business opportunity that I could truly work from home and around my schedule but I never really found it.

Well, fast forward many years- I'm now a licensed esthetician and have my own salon as well as natural cosmetics business (PRIIA).  I don't work from home per se, but I do call the shots and I'm OK with that.  However, I KNOW that there are women out there who are looking for an opportunity like I was many moons ago.  Maybe some of them just want to make a little extra money each month and maybe some want to quit their jobs and be at home full-time with their children.  I'm considering creating an opportunity with my company, PRIIA Cosmetics, which will offer just that.  If I do, it will NOT be a typical direct sales party plan or any type of multi-level pyramid gig.  There won't be any parties to plan, inventory to buy, orders to process or products to deliver. It will be a true opportunity to work from home at one's own pace and around one's personal schedule. The investment to get started will be either be no investment, a very low investment or a choice of both…I haven't decided yet.  I'm still mulling over the entire scenario.

I have to tell you, I am soooooooo sickened by all of the work-from-home scams that are out there as well.  There are many unscrupulous individuals & companies out there today who are preying upon those who are truly looking for something better in their lives.  All you have to do is google 'work from home' and you'll get a zillion searches to come up; most of which are scams.  But, people are desperate today and it's easy to fall victim to some slick sales page that promises you're going to make $1000+ per day by just clicking a button.  It doesn't work that way ladies- believe me, I know.  The scammers and theives are the only ones making that kind of money because you've opened up your bank accounts to them in the hopes of making a better life for you and your family.  True homebased businesses do require you to WORK.  However, it's my goal to create an opportunity that allows you to work SMARTER not harder.

If you've tried PRIIA, you already know that it's a great product.  Some of you have sent beautiful testimonials after using the line and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sincere and kind words.  Many of you have recommended PRIIA to your family and friends- and again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising I could ever hope for.  I believe now is the time to start rewarding you personally and financially for your referrals and also rewarding those clients who buy PRIIA's products based upon your recommendations.

Here's what I need to know from YOU:  Is there any interest at all from you about the above proposed business opportunity?  I want hear your thoughts, ideas and opinions. What do you think???  Please leave a comment for me.  Thank you!

-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)


Happy 2nd Anniversary PRIIA Cosmetics!


Two years ago today PRIIA Cosmetics launched it's natural mineral cosmetics on the internet.  A lot has happened over the past two years including significant growth.

We want to celebrate our 2 year mark with you by having a site wide sale!  From now through midnight 3/18/2011, you can receive a 15% off discount when you shop at !  Simple enter Happy15 upon checkout.  Also, when you spend $75 or more, you will receive *FREE Priority Mail shipping.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite PRIIA Cosmetics products.  If you're a newbie to PRIIA, all of our sample sizes are also part of the sale.

As the owner of PRIIA Cosmetics, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued loyalty and support.  I love formulating these products as much as you love wearing them. 😉

Happy Shopping!  Feel free to share the sale discount code with family and friends.

PS- We now have a PRIIA Cosmetics Facebook Fan Page.  Come visit with us and click the 'like' button to get all of our updates about sales, giveaways, new products & more.  We'll be announcing some BIG stuff in the coming weeks. 😉


-The Mineral Makeup Coach

*Free Priority mail shipping offer is only valid for US residents.