Do YOU Know What You’re Really Putting On Your Face?

A friend and fellow esthetican, Valerie Tukey, recently posted some very interesting information on one of Lancome's popular anti-aging creams.  You'll be shocked when you discover that you're paying top dollar for GARBAGE.  You can check out Val's Face Book Fan Page here: Aesthetics By Valerie.


"I used to work for Lancome. And then I went to school and became a licensed, board certified skin care professional who actually knows a thing or two about skin and skin care. Would you ask a parrot to give you skin care advice? No? Are you sure about that? Because that's what you're doing when you buy skin care at department store or at the mall. Everything you're told is well-scripted information that is being "parrotted" back to you by sales people. Let me repeat that –  SALES PEOPLE.    

Let's take a look at what's really in one of the best selling products at Lancome. 

At the whopping price of $80 for a 1.7 oz cream and $95 for a 2 oz, you'd expect this stuff to not only make your skin younger, but for it to cook you dinner and do your laundry!

The truth is, while this cream smells delightful fragrant and oh-so-French, while it feels like butter going onto your skin, while it often comes with a groovy free gift, it's a very VERY overpriced face grease. 

Not only does it NOT contain any cutting edge, modern and proven age-fighting ingredients, it DOES contain TONS OF PRESERVATIVES. Holy canolies, half way down the ingredient list is a potent anti-microbial, and then they added another 5 paraben preservatives.  

Seriously, Lancome? Really?! Why is that? Oh wait, I remember…It's because often we'd have product sitting on the shelves for up to 12 months before it was sold. Gotta make sure there's no mold in that year-old cream that Mrs. Jane Q. Public might want to buy so she can get her lousy free gift. 

Newsflash: the free gift ain't free. Part of the cost of your $95 pays for that gift. Comprende, amiga? I mean, really, what are you thinking? How do you expect poor Lancome to pay for that big expensive counter and all the staff? And their uniforms, their salaries, their 4 times a year allowance for makeup? Oh, don't forget the multiple full-page advertisements in Allure and Cosmo, and the commercials, and wait! You gotta pay Gweneth Paltrow and the supermodel for being spokespeople!  Don't forget the pretty packaging; the expensive glass jars and metallic lids that you'll toss in the trash. 

You're paying $95 for silicone, some basic emollients, emulsifiers, vaseline, corn oil, vitamin E, a ton of preservatives, fragrance, and dyes. WOW, what a deal!" :( 

See for yourself: 

WATER/AQUA – self explanatory

HYDROGENATED POLYISOBUTENE – synthetic polymer skin conditioner 

CYCLOPENTASILOXANE – a form of silicone, used for slip

PETROLATUM – also known as Vaseline

CETYL ALCOHOL – fatty alcohol used as an emollient

GLYCERIN – a humectant, attracts water to the skin

GLYCERYL STEARATE SE – emulsifier, helps product ingredients blend together

PEG-40 STEARATE waxy solid emollient

MYRISTYL MYRISTATE – skin conditioner (comedogenic)

HYDROXYPROLINE – used to bind water in the skin 



SODIUM HYDROXIDE – regulates pH level

STEARIC ACID – emulsifier

CAFFEINE – used to enhance skin's appearance by reducing flaking and enhancing suppleness 

ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE – protects the product from UV degradation

CHLORHEXIDINE DIGLUCONATE – powerful antimicrobial 


 DISODIUM EDTA- a form of preservative, a chelator

RUSCUS ACULEATUS ROOT EXTRACT/RUSCUS ACULEATUS – butcher's broom extract, an anti inflammatory 



PALMITIC ACID – emulsifier


FRAGRANCE / PARFUM, fragrance 

BLUE 1/CI 42090, YELLOW 5/CI 19140, RED 4/CI 14700, B5949/2 – colorants

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