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Turn Your Loose Mineral Foundation into a Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation. You either love it or hate it. Unfortunately many, if not most, liquid foundations aren’t a good idea for acne-prone skin because of pore-clogging ingredients. At PRIIA we currently don’t offer a liquid foundation (yet). However, we’ve got an easy way for you to take your PRIIA loose mineral foundation and turn it into a full-coverage liquid foundation.

It’s called ‘The Boosted Coverage’ Technique. All you need are 3 items: PRIIA’s Loose mineral foundation, PRIIA’s Hydrating Skin Spritz and PRIIA’s vegan synthetic flat top foundation brush.

Step One: Dispense some loose mineral foundation into the lid of your jar or in your Minerals Mate Mixing Tray.
Step Two: Generously spritz the head of your flat top brush with our Hydrating Skin Spritz. About 4 to 5 spritzes should do it.
Step Three: Dip your dampened brush into your loose mineral foundation. Use a second well in your Minerals Mate Tray or a second jar lid to swirl around your brush head. This will help evenly mix the spritz with the minerals.
Step Four: Apply to clean & moisturized face.  Apply as many layers as needed to achieve your desired coverage.

To see ‘The Boosted Coverage’ Technique in action, watch our tutorial here: https://youtu.be/cDI3NfiTTSg


How To Stop Wasting Your Loose Mineral Makeup!

Spilled makeuo I've heard this before, "Mineral makeup is messy."

And this one too, "My mineral makeup spills out everywhere and I'm wasting a lot of product."

No worries ladies.  I've got a simple solution for you to keep your loose minerals from making a mess and being wasted!

When you open your jar of loose mineral makeup, you'll notice there is a plastic sifter with holes inserted into the jar and some sort of seal overing these holes. Most people make the mistake of pulling off this clear sifter seal entirely in order to dispense the minerals.  This is the problem!  Without this clear seal attached, all of the sifter's holes are exposed and the minerals can easily escape.

The trick to dispensing only a small amount at a time is to leave the sifter seal in place!

Huh?  What? How Am I Supposed To Get The Minerals Out?

Yes- leave the sifter seal attached to the sifter and instead, take a clean straight pin and poke a few holes through the sifter seal right through the sifter's holes.  Twist the straight pin around until you've created an opening.  Don't poke openings through all of the sifter's holes- only do a few.

Voila!  Now you have a simple & easy way to prevent product wastage and excess, messy spills.  Your jars are now more user AND travel friendly. 😉

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