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PRIIA’s Customers Speak Out!

Surprise galsI just LOVE hearing positive feedback about the products my company, PRIIA Cosmetics, has to offer.  It's especially gratifying when a glowing review comes in from someone who was pretty skeptical about mineral makeup.

As a part of my business model, I offer my products at wholesale.  This means that qualified business owners can partner with PRIIA to sell my branded name products or they have the option to put their name on these goodies (private label).  Recently, a private label customer emailed me to let me know that her mom is now 'hooked' on the makeup and she just had to share the story of how this came to be.  Read on…

"Hi Kelley!

Wanted to share…my mom was recently visiting and tried the makeup.  She is floored and EXTREMELY grateful that you created a line that she has searched for, for 60 years.  She tossed all her other makeup in the trash while she was here and has completely converted to PRIIA! 

It was funny, after I showed her how to apply it (she watched me put on my makeup, completely doubting the stamp and blend process because 'that is just too easy'), then she applied it herself…she hated it initially.  Her first response was, 'See- for you, you don't need the coverage.  It doesn't cover anything. It's too light- I think I need a darker shade.'

I told her, 'Wait mom.  Walk away from the mirror.'  I distracted her with coffee and then brought her back into the bathroom.  I wish I had a picture of her reaction. PRICELESS!  I had to remind her that she had just applied mascara, so no crying!

All she kept saying was, 'Oh my GOSH! Wow, my skin is so pretty. And my dark circles are GONE.'  I have to say, the concealer she was previously using (Dermaquest and MAC), was applied so thick because that was the only way to cover the purple.  It made her eyes so heavy and dark.  It aged her probably 5 years every morning.

She looks beautiful!

She's been home for a week and called me yesterday telling me that she couldn't get over looking in the mirror and seeing this version of herself (the version she 'feels' she is) staring back at her.

Thanks for helping me give my mom the BEST Mother's Day gift EVER!  For that, I am eternally grateful!  I wish I lived within 3,000 miles of her. All of her friends would be buying from me." – C.C., Alaska

WOW!  That was an amazing story about how one of my private label clients introduced PRIIA to the people in her circle of influence.  The trickle down theory is clearly at work here.  I've helped this client to start a successful mineral makeup business and she's helping her clients to look their best!  This is why I LOVE what I do.

If you've got a favorite PRIIA product, share it with the people you know and love.  Sharing is caring. You just never know when you can make someone feel great about themselves!

If you're looking for a mineral makeup brand to partner with, give me shout.  I'd love to help become a mineral makeup rockstar too!


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)