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Esthetician Follows Her PRIIA Dream

esthetician kristaMy name is Krista Winters. I did not always know I wanted to be an esthetician, but from a young age I did know I loved makeup.  When I was younger I played with my mom’s makeup like most little girls, but when I was twelve and suffered a dog bite on my face makeup was a daily part of life.  As a teenager makeup and skincare played an even bigger role for me when I had the usual acne along with scars from the dog bite.  Kids can be mean and teenagers can be cruel.  The combination of deep, red scars and acne took a major toll on my already fragile self-esteem. I was constantly looking for quality makeup that wouldnt irritate my already sensitive skin and I was desperate to find someone to help with my skin care issues.  I tried numerous dermatologists over the years who prescribed me all different oral and topical medications but nothing seemed to work.

I met Kelley Maddison, a licensed esthetician and acne specialist, who would come to change my life more than I could imagine.  I started seeing her regularly and by following her advice and using the proper products, I could see a dramatic difference. When she started her makeup line, PRIIA Cosmetics, I started using that too.  I had never received so many compliments in my life (about a problem area of mine none the less).  Any time I had a question about my skin, Kelley was always there to answer me thoroughly, and in a prompt manner at that.  My skin was looking good, and with makeup on it, it looked airbrushed.  The amount of self confidence I felt from finally finding a product that changed the way I thought about myself was unbelievable.  The way people treat you when you look good and feel good is really life changing.

After going to college like I thought I was supposed to, I still didn’t know what I wanted to be. However, I had worked a few different jobs and knew what I didn’t want to do or what kind of people I did not want to work for. I still saw Kelley for my skincare and I was always so impressed by what she was able to do and the type of person she was. I decided that I wanted to work for her. At the time she did not have a position available for me but encouraged me to go to esthetics school to persue something I was actually passionate about.  While attending beauty school Kelley acted like a mentor to me and once again any time I struggled or had questions, she was right there to guide me and help me through.  When I became a licensed esthetician, I felt on top of the world with a wealth of knowlege and a thirst to help other people struggling like I had.  I worked for a while as an esthetician and then I got an email that really changed my life.

Priia was hiring.  I had an opportunity to work with my mentor and help make a product I believe in 100%. Priia has been one of the few things in my life that I have been passionate about in every way.  This makeup gives me the confidence to make eye contact and feel like the person across from me is looking at a polished version of myself, rather than any imperfections I may feel are distracting.  Being able to work with Kelley and work for Priia is a dream come true.  Having the opportunity to give someone else the gift Kelley gave me makes going to work worth it and gives my life a purpose that is truly fulfilling.

Advanced Mineral Makeup Techniques For The EYES

Welcome to Part 2 of my three part series called "The Fortune is in the Face".  Todays lesson is all about using advanced mineral makeup techniques to enhance your beautiful peepers. Enjoy!


I believe ANYONE can wear ANY color!  There is no right or wrong per se when choosing colors for the eyes!  It’s more about the shape of the eye and where to apply highlights, midtones and accents.  If you’re very unsure as to which colors to choose, choose neutral colors based on your skin tone or refer back to the color wheel and choose colors that are complimentary to the eye color.


Best Types of Eye
Shadow to Use:

Matte or Satin.  Shimmers/Glitters/Frosts should be used sparingly unless creating a dramatic effect or doing teen makeup.  Satin shadows work best for highlighting and accenting.  Matte shadows work well as midtones.


Eye Lateral

Determines how to apply the eye liner.


Close-set: The space between
the hairline and the eye is GREATER
than the space between the eyes.  Liner
should be applied half way (pupil) outward to the edge of the eye.


Wide-set: The space between
the hairline and the eye is LESS than
the space between the eyes.  Liner should
be applied all the way across the eye from inner corner to outer edge.


Eye Shapes: Basic (average), Close-set, Wide-set, Prominent (bulging), Hooded (naturally or from age), Deep-set, Down-turned.

Various eye shapes

For Down-turned or “droopy” eyes:
Similar application to ‘Average Eyes’ except make sure the accent color starts slightly inward from the outside
corner of the eye.


Concealing Dark
Circles & Under Eye Puffiness:

Use a salmon-colored (NOT yellow) concealer to conceal dark circles as this will neutralize blue/purple/red
discolorations.  For puffiness, ONLY conceal the shadow the raised/puffy area creates- not the actual ‘puffed’
area.  By concealing only the shadowed area, it helps to make the raised area appear flat and even with the rest of the face.  In need of a great salmon-colored under eye concealer?  Look no further!  Give PRIIA's Mineral Under Eye Concealer a try!  It's the best thing since sliced bread!

Stay tuned for next weeks lesson: LIPS


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral makeup Coach)