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How to Stop Makeup Slide

Every so often we have a customer contact us to say that no matter what they do their PRIIA makeup seems to ‘slide’ off within a few hours. The first questions we ask them are: “What skin care products are you using?” “What is your skin care routine?” “Which PRIIA minerale-derm products are you using?” We ask these questions because PRIIA’s formulas are made to adhere to the skin.  We have thousands and thousands of customers who successfully use our products without incidence so we know that 9 times out of 10, makeup slide is due to ‘user error’.

More than 99% of the time we find out that customers are using inappropriate products for their skin type and/or they’re layering one product after the other and not letting those skin care products absorb properly.  When you’re using skin care products that are too ‘heavy’ for your skin type or you haven’t given the correct products a chance to fully absorb, your makeup can’t adhere properly.  This goes for ANY makeup- not just PRIIA.

Here’s how to correct the situation…

  1. Make sure you’re using skin type appropriate products. Heavy, oily-based skin care products don’t absorb properly and tend to just sit on the surface of the skin. Likewise, skin care products that are too harsh can adversely affect the skin barrier causing an over-production of sebum throughout the day. When using appropriate skin care products don’t use too much. Use only the recommended amount. Too much of a good thing isn’t good. You’re simply wasting product AND money.
  2. Before applying primer and/or foundation, wait AT LEAST 10-15 minutes for your moisturizer/SPF to fully absorb. Your skin should NOT feel wet or overly tacky. It should feel soft and mostly dry to the touch.  While you’re waiting for your products to absorb go brush your teeth, get dressed, have breakfast, etc.
  3. Once your skin care products have absorbed properly apply your makeup in light layers. Remember that you can always go back and add more but you can’t take away if you’ve applied too much to begin with.
  4. When using our acne-safe primer only use a pea-sized amount (about a half pump’s worth) for the entire face and use less around areas of the face with a lot of creasing (i.e. the sides of the nose). We’ve had customers tells us that their using a couple pump’s worth at one time! WOAH…don’t do that! Again, too much of a good thing isn’t good.
  5. If you’re an oily-skin gal, consider using our HydraPrime oil-control powder to ‘set’ your makeup and to help absorb oily breakthrough during the day. If you have combination skin, our BEHAVE Finishing Powder is a great product to help balance your complexion and complete your look.
  6. Give your complexion a refreshing hydrating boost during the day with our Hydrating Skin Spritz! It instantly delivers moisture while helping to lock down makeup.

If you’ve tried the above suggestions and you’re still experiencing problems, consider making an appointment with a licensed skin care professional. They can examine your skin properly and assist you in choosing the correct products for your skin type and skin condition.

Oily Skin Part II: What Can You Do About It?

oily skinIn last week’s article, you learned what facial oil is and I discussed what the causes of oily skin are.  Today we’ll find out if there’s anything we can do about oily skin and what are the best ways to manage it.

First and foremost, you can’t stop your skin from producing oil. Short of taking a prescription drug like Accutane, you can’t just shut off your sebaceous glands.  However, you can get your oil production under control.  Here’s a few simple tips:

  1. Get hydrated!  Yes, drinking water is important to overall health but it’s not enough to keep your skin hydrated. You MUST use a hydrating product that’s going to draw moisture to the skin. Look for ones that contain Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid).  This ingredient is like a tall glass of water for your skin.  My favorite is HydraBalance by Face Reality Acne Clinic. Just like the name says, it HYDRATES and it BALANCES.  I just LOVE this stuff!
  2. Start using the correct products for your skin type.  Steer clear of products that are too harsh and that can strip away the lipid barrier of the epidermis (top layer of skin).  Likewise, don’t OVERUSE your skin care products.  Washing your face twenty times per day isn’t going to get rid of the oil; it just compounds the problem.  Oh and when you do wash your face, use TEPID water only.  Water that’s too hot will leach moisture right out of your skin!
  3. If it all possible, get a home humidifier installed to run during the cold months of the year. Dry indoor heating is horrible!  It dehydrates the skin.  If a home humidifier is too expensive, consider getting a small unit that you can run at night while you’re sleeping.  A good brand is Honeywell.  Just be sure to change the filter often enough to prevent mold & bacteria growth!
  4. Don’t even think about using oil as a moisturizer.  I hate to break this to you but oils DO NOT moisturize the skin.  They only create a barrier that helps to prevent TEWL (transepidermal water loss).  Hydrate your skin first with a water-based moisturizer and then you can use an emollient-type of product on top to seal in that moisture.  My favorite is Clearderma by Face Reality Acne Clinic.  I put their HydraBalance on first and then I put on a light layer of Clearderma. Voila!  Instantly plumped and hydrated skin. Me likey.
  5. I can’t believe I even have to say this but…STOP TANNING!  It’s bad for you and your skin. Enough said.
  6. Lastly, consider using an acne-safe oil-control product such as PRIIA’s HydraPrime oil-control powder BEFORE and AFTER foundation application.  It’s specially formulated to absorb excess facial without over-drying the skin and it’s translucent so it won’t interfere with other makeup colors.  Customers have reported that it helps keep the shine away for 6, 7 and even 8+ hours.  *Before applying any makeup products, make sure you’ve let your moisturizer/SPF absorb into the skin.  This means you’ll need to wait about 10-15 minutes.  I’m sure you can think of something to do such as brushing your teeth, putting on your undies or checking your FaceBook and Instagram feeds…

Hey Kelley, what about those oil-blotting papers?  Should I be using these?oily skin blotting papers

Oh I have a love/hate relationship with oil-blotting papers. Why?  Because they’re expensive!  Plus, I’ve seen a few that contain ingredients (besides just paper) that can be a problem for acne-prone skin.  Not to mention I’ve seen gals literally pressing these things into their faces.  You don’t want to do this!  Why? Because your face collects dust, debris and environmental pollution throughout the day.  Pressing a piece of paper into your skin may collect some oil but at the same time you’re forcing all of that gunk into your pores and asking for an acne breakout. Ick.  Instead do this:

  • Save yourself some $$$ and grab a few toilet protector sheets the next time you visit the ladies room.  Don’t be embarrassed!  They’re there for you to use.  There are no rules as to how you use them, right? Cut them up into small squares and carry them in your purse.  Voila!  Oil absorbing sheets for free!
  • When you want to absorb some excess shine, GENTLY lay one of the sheets onto your oily spots and let the paper do the job of absorbing the oil.  DO NOT PRESS it into your skin. When done, throw it out.
  • Lastly, mist a few pumps of PRIIA’s Hydrating Spritz on our Deluxe Powder Buffer Brush and lightly sweep across your face to refresh your makeup and give some extra hydration to your skin.  *Optionally, you can dust on a little extra HydraPrime to help absorb oil throughout the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoyed these tips!  Please feel free to share this post with anyone you know who’s dealing with oily skin! 

Is It Time to Change Up Your Skincare Routine?

As the seasons begin to change, you may notice that your skin starts to change aswell.  This is the time to re-evaluate the products you’re currently using and consider switching things up a bit.

What you first need to understand is that your SKIN TYPE isn’t changing; it’s simply a SKIN CONDITION your dealing with.  For example, you may feel drier in colder months, oilier in the warm months and experience breakouts intermittently over the course of the year.  These are skin conditions and can be easily dealt with when you first understand your skin type

Let’s review:

Oily/Acne Skin: Occasional to frequent breakouts, congested skin and papules, pustules and comedones.  Pores are enlarged & visible. You’re likely to have oily shine all over the face and within 1-3 hrs of cleansing.

Combination Skin: Oiliness is usually contained to the T-zone.  Pores are visible in the T-zone. You may have
occasional breakouts and skin congestion in this area.  Other areas of the face can be normal to dry.  Oily shine can be seen within 4-6 hrs of cleansing.

Dry Skin: Skin may feel tight and itchy. Flakes of skin are usually visible but pores are not.  Breakouts are rare.  Congestion may only be confined to the nose if at all.

Normal Skin: Breakouts are very rare and the skin’s surface is even and smooth.  There’s typically not a denotation of either dryness or oiliness.

Here are some typical skin conditions and how to deal with them:

Dehydrated & Dull Skin:
Add a hydrating serum to your routine.  Look for ones that contain Hyaluronic Acid.  It’s not an acid at all but is one of the most hydrating ingredients you can use on your skin.  It holds 1000x’s its weight in water!

Use products that will dissolve excess sebum (salicylic acid) and oxygenating/antibacterial products to kill acne-causing bacteria.  Be cautious though as these types of products can dry out the skin.  Use an oil-free moisturizer.  My best suggestion for those who have acne would be to seek the help of an acne expert.  These professionals have specific training in how to successfully get your skin clear.

Dry Flakey Skin: Use a moisturizing exfoliant such as lactic acid to get rid of visible flakey skin and then follow up with an emollient moisturizer.

Red, Sensitive Skin: Use gentle products designed to soothe and calm.  Make a homemade mask using colloidal oatmeal and milk (or distilled water). Use 1-2x’s per week followed by a moisturizer.

All skin types should avoid using hot water to wash the face because it can cause excessive dryness.  Use tepid water only and be gentle.  The goal to maintaining healthy skin is keeping it balanced no matter what condition your skin is facing.


-Kelley (a.k.a. The Mineral Makeup Coach)

Beauty True or False: Oily Skin Needs LESS Moisture Than Dry Skin- Part 1

What do you think about this common skin care question:


Do oily skin types need LESS moisture than drier skin types?

Leave your answer in the comments box below. Thanks!  I'll reveal the truth in my next post.

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Why YOU Should Be Using A Facial Toner

The most important step in a skin care routine is obviously cleansing.  The next most important step, in my professional opinion, is using a facial toner suited for your skin type.

Why are toners important? 

Tn__MG_1310 Revitalizing Toner First, they help remove any residual debris left on the skin's surface from cleansing.  Secondly, they help bring the skin back to a normal pH level more quickly, which in turn, helps prevent dehydration.  Lastly, toners enable the skin to more effectively receive the benefits of other skin care products such as specialty serums and moisturizers.

Choose a toner that is skin type specific to address your individual needs. Also look for one that is alcohol-free.  You don't want to strip the skin's natural lipid barrier.

If you're looking for a toner but not sure which one to try, consider PRIIA Cosmetics 100% Natural & Vegan facial toners.  Choose from Clarifying for those with oily/congested/acneic skin types or Revitalizing for all skin types.  These toners are skillfully crafted and contain rare and exotic ingredients such as Cactus Flower Extract, plus they're boosted with super antioxidants, such as organic Japanese Green Tea Extract & Vitamin E.  PRIIA's toners are alcohol-free, paraben-free, petroleum derivative-free, synthetic emulsifier-free, FD&C dye-free and as always, cruelty-free.

PRIIA Cosmetics offers sample sizes of these wonderfully refreshing toners.  So, you can try them out before committing to a full-size purchase.

Question:  Do you currently use a facial toner?  If not, why not?  I'd love to hear from you!  Please leave your comment below.  Thank you!

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If you enjoy reading The Mineral Makeup Coach Blog, please feel free to share the home page with your friends using this link: http://tinyurl.com/5eqd9q.

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