The Best Acne-Safe Mineral Makeup

Is YOUR makeup causing you to breakout? It's time for something better!

Our PRIIA™ minerale-derm product line is the FIRST and ONLY mineral makeup of its kind. Made specifically for acne-prone skin, it is 100% acne safe, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Our proprietary formulas are non-irritating and are supremely soothing to problematic skin types. PRIIA™ is endorsed and recommended by Licensed Estheticians and Acne Specialists from across the country.

At PRIIA™, we are proud to offer a range of cosmetics that is not only acne-safe but also 100% gluten-free AND cruelty-free. Plus, we offer many vegan-friendly choices!

Our exclusive formulas DO NOT contain: bismuth oxychloride, talc, D&C dyes, parabens or pore-clogging ingredients.

PRIIA™'s mineral makeup is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types, yet it wears beautifully all day long under any condition and feels silky soft. You can expect to experience a radiant, healthy-looking complexion when you wear our minerals.

Go ahead and give our mineral makeup a try and discover the PRIIA™ difference today!
 Our Customers Say...

"Dear Kelley, I found out about your line from Todra. So I took the plunge and placed a sample order. Highly skeptical, but eagerly anticipating their arrival.I have to tip my hat to you, my dear. As an African American woman who has searched high and low for the perfect mineral makeup. I have purchased,returned and thrown away so many minerals it's ridiculous. But now, I can finally say that my search is Ova, Finito, Done! In the past I had issues with irritation, redness, gray or ashy tones. However, with Priia, those issues are a ...