Are You “Warm” or “Cool”?

Warmcool pic The question, "Am I warm or cool?" is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by women when it comes to makeup and wardrobe color choices.

Over the years, there's many myths about how to answer this question, such as looking at the color of the veins on the underside of your forearm.  However, there's a reason why a 'myth' is called a 'myth', right???

The best way to determine if you are Warm or Cool is by looking at and comparing your skin against the colors: Gold and Silver.  No two colors tell which category you fall into better than these.

To begin your color test, pick up a fabric swatch of each color and lay them side by side in NATURAL DAY LIGHT.  Don't use incandescent or fluorescent lighting because they will change the color of your true skin tone and will render this color swatch test inaccurate.  Nothing is more accurate than natural daylight.

Next, remove all jewelry from your hands and place one hand on the gold fabric swatch and the other on the silver fabric swatch.  Look at each hand- one will look 'pasty' and the other will look healthy and vibrant.  If your hand on the silver swatch looks best, you are 'cool'.  If the hand on the gold swatch looks best, you are 'warm'.

Please note that the results from this color swatch test DOES NOT mean that if you're 'cool', you can never wear warm tones again and vice versa.  It simply means that certain colors will look better on you than others.  In order to pull off warm tones (or cool tones) successfully (without looking pasty and sallow), you'll have to work a little harder with color coordinating and mix up your color palette a bit.

Question:  How do you decide which colors look best on you?  Please leave a comment in the form box below.  Thank you!

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