Beauty Quick Tip: Mascara Mishap Fast Fix

I can't take credit for the following tip I'm about to share with you.  However, when I come across something great; it's just too good to keep it to myself!  Plus, I've tested this trick out and it really does work.

Have you ever gotten mascara on your skin during application?  I have and it's not pretty.  Normally, I'd take a cotton swab and dip it in some makeup remover and swipe the swab onto the mascara mishap.  It works great, but can also erase the makeup underneath the mascara mistake, such as foundation and/or concealer. 

The other day I read about a really cool trick on Elke Von Freudenberg's blog, a celeb makeup artist, in order to solve this problem.  She recommends that you wait until the mascara mistake dries completely and then use a longer bristled eye shadow brush to sweep away the mistake!  How cool is that?!?

Well, I got to test this trick personally the other day.  While applying my mascara, I sneezed!  Ugh…there were little black mascara dots underneath my entire lower lash line.  But, instead of busting out the q-tips and makeup remover, I waited for the little dots to dry and then used my tapered crease brush to gently sweep them away.  No muss, no fuss!  The brush whisked away the mascara mistake and my undereye concealer stayed intact.  Gotta love it!

Thanks Elke for sharing such a cool trick!

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