Getting Zits Means Zapped Energy???

Did you know that getting zits can actually zap your energy?

Woman looking in mirror A recent Ohio State University study revealed that women who experience breakouts are at risk for exhaustion.  Why?  Having blemishes rear their ugly heads leads to self-consciousness and worry.  These strong emotions drain your energy.  It’s a nasty vicious cycle: more worry equals more stress, which can lead to more breakouts.

The quick fix?  Find a great, non-comedogenic concealer to cover up the problem spots!  Even though the ‘problem’ may still be there, when you (or anyone else for that matter) can’t actually see it, you tend to worry about it MUCH LESS.

Need a great concealer to do the trick?  Consider purchasing PRIIA’s acne-safe Face Concealer .  It’s non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, skin-soothing and has been formulated to cover up skin imperfections like a dream! PRIIA’s acne-safe Face Concealer is available in 9 skin tone-friendly colors and is VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE.

After you take off your concealer for the day, you’ll need a product to put those pimples in their place.  PRIIA Cosmetics has what you need: Calm Down Anti-Blemish Powder! Learn how to get rid of a blemish quickly: How to Knock Out a Zit

At PRIIA, we’ve got you covered…literally!