PRIIA Cosmetics Launches it’s NEW 100% Acne Safe Makeup Line!

We are thrilled to have launched our new 100% acne safe + beneficial for acne-prone skin makeup line called:




This one-of-a-kind mineral makeup is specifically formulated to address the needs of acneic skin types.  Here’s why PRIIA™ is the perfect choice in makeup for anyone suffering from acne:

1. PRIIA™ helps to reduce inflammation and protect the skin barrier with calming and soothing botanicals.  Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin.

2. PRIIA™ helps to reduce and inhibit 5α reductase (enzyme that predominates in the sebaceous glands, influencing sebum [facial oil] production in the condition of acne) through the use of our proprietary blend of specific botanicals called DERMA-CBI Complex.

3. We only use carefully selected natural oils and waxes that are HIGH in linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) and LOW in oleic acid.  Acne-prone individuals have LOW levels of linoleic acid due to increased sebum levels.  When sebum levels rise, the concentration of linoleic acid significantly decreases.  Linoleic acid preserves the integrity of the follicle and reduces inflammatory responses.

4. We formulate with natural and highly effective ingredients that inhibit Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), the micro-organism bacteria that live on the surface of the skin and contribute to acne breakouts.

Wondering if this is the right makeup line for you?  We offer most of our products in generous samples sizes to try BEFORE you buy a full-size version.  Take us for a test drive today.  Your skin will thank you!

Got questions or need help?  Contact us today!  We’ll be happy to assist you!