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Beauty Myth Busted: Sun Exposure Will Improve Acne

Sunbathing You’ve probably heard at some point in your life that if you get a suntan and you’ve got acne, it will improve.

This myth is completely FALSE.  Yes, getting some sun exposure can temporarily hide the appearance of acne for awhile, but you’ll be seriously damaging your skin in the process.  Plus, sun exposure can deepen the look of acne scars and other forms of pigmentation that are already on your skin.

The temporary improvement in your acne after sun exposure is due to the skin being dried out.  However, your skin WILL rebound and start producing MORE oil to combat the dryness and dehydration.  More oil eventually leads to more breakouts as sebum is a source of food for the bacteria that causes acne (P.acnes).

Your best bet? Stay out of the sun.  If that’s just not possible, then be sure to wear a daily SPF that is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic such as PRIIA’s Tinted SPF40.

MYTH: Sun exposure will improve your acne.