The Correct Way To Apply Blush: Part 2

Yesterday I asked if you knew the answer to the question: "What's the correct method for applying blush?"  Two choices were offered:  Apply from the 'apples of your cheeks back to the hairline or vice versa…

The correct answer is: Apply from the hairline towards the 'apples' of the cheeks.  Why?  It's because the greatest amount of product is deposited on the skin at the first application.  So, you wouldn't want a 'blob' of blush plopped onto the apples of your cheeks.  Starting back at the hairline will give you a softer, more natural appearance.  Plus, if you have a little too much product at the start, you can easily blend it into the hairline as opposed to trying to blend it out on the actual cheek area.

Question:  Was this application tip helpful to you?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Thank you!

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