True or False: Mineral Oil Will Clog Your Pores- PART 2

In my last post, I posed the question: “Will mineral oil clog your pores?”

The answer is “No.”  Today’s cosmeceutical grade of mineral oil is very different from its counterpart of days gone by.  It’s a myth that the mineral oil used in industry is the same as the one used for cosmetic purposes.

However, the problem I have with mineral oil is that it IS a petroleum derivative.  I choose not to formulate with ingredients like mineral oil for this reason.  Even though it is effective in helping to dissolve hardened sebum plugs within the pores, I can think of better choices to use for this purpose such as Jojoba oil.

So there you have it.  Despite what some companies may have you believe, mineral oil is not comedogenic.  However, if using a petroleum derivative is just not your style, then simply opt for another solution such as HIGH LINOLEIC safflower or sunflower oil.  These oils are excellent for acne-prone skin because research has shown acne skin types are deficient in linoleic oil.