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PRIIA's Vegan Synthetic Brushes are nothing short of dream come true for those with skin sensitivities such as acne & rosacea and those wishing to avoid animal hair brushes.  No bristles falling out, breaking and sticking to your face.  No dyes to rinse out before use.  No worries about how the animals have really been treated in the process.

Our brushes feel like silk against your skin as they apply your minerals with total precision and accuracy. You'll probably notice that you'll need to use LESS of your mineral products than usual because these brushes do such an amazing job of 'picking' up and distributing your mineral makeup on your face and body.  Virtually no more fly-aways and less mess.  That means more savings & less cleanup for you in the long run!

The incredibly soft bristles are made from high quality nylon fibers, the comfortable handles are made of birchwood and the ferrules are made from silver alloy.

If you want a PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING MAKEUP APPLICATION, then you need the RIGHT TOOLS to get the job done.  Order yours today!