I just wanted to thank you so much for being such a wonderful company to do business with!! I am so appreciative of your VIP program and was blown away by the gift of my bronzer with my last order in December! THANK YOU so much for having such integrity about the way you do business. I can’t stop telling everyone I know about you and I am a customer for life! And of course thank you for such superior products – Priia is a gift and answer to prayer!"
With deep appreciation,
Amy Lindquist, Lindquist Fashion & Image Consulting
Hi! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my products. First of all, it's extremely difficult to find make-up for acne prone skin that doesn't make it worse. I have spent hours on-line researching and checking out ingredients on products that claim to be non-comedogenic with no luck. I don't even remember how I came upon your company but I'm so glad I did. Not only are your products really non-comedogenic and safe for acne prone skin but they are beautiful. I can honestly said that your makeup is better than any other makeup I've ever used (and I've used a lot of different makeup). The coverage is great- I love the consistency and the colors are awesome. I would like to leave reviews if you can tell me how. I am also going to go on some acne forums to let people know about Priia.
B.Lambert, VA
"Hi PRIIA! You hoped I was enjoying my new Priia products and I wanted to share that I
am throwing ALL of these other foundations, concealers and blushes AWAY TODAY!!!
I am so happy to have found Priia! I've struggled to find the right products
that provide coverage without giving me more reasons to have to use
concealer! I finally feel great about what I'm putting on my face. I work
so hard at trying to keep my hormonal acne under control and Priia is one
more piece to the puzzle! I have already sent your info to other friends that struggle with PCOS, like I do.
I wish your products had been around decades ago, but I'll try to share now so others don't have to wait."
A. Bentz, NC
"Dear PRIIA Cosmetics team,

I cannot believe the quality and performance of your makeup line! After application, my face is so soft and luminous. The products that I used to use like Bobbi Brown and even Bare Minerals clogged my pores and made my face feel rough. I would knowingly expect breakouts upon each use. The battle for coverage had me hooked until now; PRIIA has saved me from the makeup-breakout cycle.

Thank you very much for your contribution to the cosmetic world.
I am very impressed with PRIIA Cosmetics and would love to spread the word in every way I can."
Emily K., NY
"These products were recommended by my esthetician/PRIIA saleswoman, Trisha Tortolani. Thank you so much for creating this cosmetics line. I've never felt more beautiful and natural until I tried PRIIA products. No longer do I have to compensate flawless skin for heavy cake layers of makeup. This is a true lifesaver for the hardworking, sleep-deprived college student like me!"
Emilia Hoffman, CA
"Hello! My name is Paige and I just wanted to tell you guys how much I love your product! I've tried a range of makeup products in the past from CoverGirl to Mac cosmetics and Priia's concealer by far is the BEST I've ever used. If you ever wanted to hire someone to represent your product, you have a volunteer in me."
P. Morrison, WA
"I am very pleased with all of my PRIIA cosmetics. I have tried many brands of makeup and none have healed and beautified my skin like the PRIIA line. I feel very fortunate to have the option to purchase clean, natural makeup free from synthetics that are harmful to my skin. I am 100% satisfied and will not go to any other brand. Thanks for your line of products."
Falina Adkins, NY
"I hope all my fellow Priia peers can witness what TWO products can achieve! I was beyond satisfied with my FULL and Waterproof Priia Makeup coverage. I ONLY use TWO Priia products to achieve my FULL Coverage: Priia's creamy stick foundation and Priia's BEHAVE finishing powder. I would never be able to THANK YOU enough for creating an ance free and acne curing FULL coverage foundation line!!!! For my women of color, I mixed Honey and Amber to achieve my perfect golden foundation with yellow undertones(NO REDS). Thank you Kelley! Battling with acne these last 4 years has been difficult on my self esteem. I pray that you NEVER STOP selling your products because where would women such as myself turn to."
Michelle Macco, CA
"If you could pass this email along to Kelley I would greatly appreciate it. I recently purchased the Essential Cover Cream Stick foundation and am simply amazed. I was a bit skeptical when my aesthetician referred me to this line, as I'd never heard of it and always purchased my products from Sephora. Silly me.

I purchased it from Acne Safe Cosmetics by Studio Blu as I needed a Cleanser and wanted to pay one shipping cost. I cannot believe how well it blends into my skin. It covers flawlessly, looks like skin, doesn't settle into fine lines or pores and doesn't cause breakouts! I'm 53 and still dealing with breakouts. With the help of my aesthetician, I'm learning what ingredients are good and which ones to avoid.

I'm looking forward to trying more of your products. If the others perform as well as this, there goes my Sephora VIB card! :)

I'm going to look for you on facebook and see if I can pick up some more tips. Thanks again for creating a line that so many people need, and probably don't realize it even exists. I'm very greatful to my aesthetician. She referred me to your products. She carries the Face Reality line and recently heard about your line. I know she will be referring it to all her acne clients. I've raved to her about them as well. She doesn't sell your products but urged me to look online, hence me finding Studio Blu. Hopefully, your products will be carried in more salons soon. I always like to see colors in person, and unfortunately there is nothing locally that sells PRIIA. Thank you again. -Ann"

Ann Cronin, MA
"I have been using mineral makeup for the past 17 years. I have tried many brands from large companies to small. I'm 48 and had started to think that I would have to change to a different type of makeup because I felt that mineral makeup was making me look older. I am so glad I found Priia. Golden Beige is the perfect match for me. It makes my skin look healthy and not "made up". It still looks great after a long day.As an added bonus I do not look older and I know my skin is also protected when I am wearing it. I just placed my second order for the loose foundation and am trying some other products from Priia this time. Thanks for such great products!"
Michelle W., WV

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