"I LOVE the brow cream. I apply with my brush and it works likes a charm. Great color match too! I got a few compliments right off the bat. Woo Hoo!"
Trecy Marr, CA, Licensed Esthetician
"For years I was not able to wear a black or dark color eye liner. I have tried other gluten free liners yet my eyes were effected. I thought that I would try yours, and love it! My eyes, not only look good, they feel that way also. Keep up the good work."
Debbie Weidow, PA
"I just recieved my order of cosmetics and used them for the first time today. I must say I am very happy with the eyeshadows and the lip gloss. I have celiac disease and was finding it difficult to find a good gluten free makeup. Your prices are amazing too!! I am for sure going to be a recurring customer!!"
Claudia Antilope, Canada
"I am loving my face- I felt so pretty I had to go out to the mall and buy some new tops!!! That shopping trip is on you PRIIA! I love the Faded Silk blush- I almost never wear blush- just a little bronzer but I LOVE this color! Love the under eye cream/concealer. Brightened me right up!

Vanilla Latte eyeshadow is beautiful- but I also have every other color on at once and lots of lipstick too!!! (and I don't look too 'done'). I also don't look all shiny/shimmery either...YEA!"
Jennifer Gonzalez, FL
"Wanted to let you know I used your darker foundations today on my shoot with Frigidaire. Oh My Goodness, the model who was very dark Indian, looked AMAZING. I mixed two of the colors. She was like, "I love this foundation and I usually hate mineral foundation!" Our agent stopped by the shoot and commented on how great the model looked.

The point that was really great for me is that they looked healthy and glowy without looking shiny, which is why I could never use mineral makeup in the past for television and print work. The models would look like they needed powder because it would glare on camera. Yours didn't do that.

I think I'm going to stock my entire kit with your medium to dark foundations. I never have the colors I need in the dark colors because I don't want to spend money on a bunch of liquid foundations that are going to spoil on me before I can use them."
Todra Payne, CA, Professional Makeup Artist
"I received my package with my cosmetics from PRIIA. Everything was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, PRIIA blows Bare Minerals away. Awesome job on your company! I will be purchasing more products soon!"
Donna Laird, NJ
"It's one of those days when I really need to look and feel my best. Once again I achieved it thanks to PRIIA. Starting with the creme foundation- well what can I say? I FINALLY found the perfect color, the perfect texture, the perfect coverage. This creme foundation is more than just great. It blends with no effort as you get medium to full coverage without being heavy. The most amazing part though is that it will not look nor feel oily AT ALL (even if you have oily skin). In fact you'll rather have matte finish with it - Favorite!!! I don't have flawless skin, so I apply a layer of the loose foundation, which I truly LOVE. Unlike other loose foundation, this one will NOT change color and will really stay put on all day long - Favorite!!! I 'top it off' with Satin Complexion Enhancer in Angelic - Favorite!!! Finish with either HydraPrime or BEHAVE Finishing Powder - Favorite!!! Did I say I didn't have a flawless complexion? - not after these 3 simple steps. I get the airbrushed look with one very important plus- I still look NATURAL. Speaking of natural, their Vacation In a Jar bronzer is another wonderful product. I'm not a 'bronzer' girl, but I just adore that one - Favorite! Another and perhaps one of The BEST PRIIA products is the Under Eye Concealer. I know it sounds cliché, but I can't live without it. It is amazing and it really does what it says. No matter how good my skin is, how great of an eye shadow I apply, if my eyes don't look well rested there is no way I'd achieve the finished sophisticated look I want. Then there's the eye shadows. Favorite!!! Satin or matte they are completely blendable, with lots of pigmentation but never disco ball-looking. They're so well formulated that even if you mix some of the most un-matching colors they still won't look 'muddy'. They will last up to 12 hours. Believe me!!!! Thank you so much PRIIA!!!!"
Stefi Petkova, MN
"I honestly cannot tell you how much I love PRIIA HydraPrime and loose mineral foundation. I have never been able to find any foundation that matches my ultra-pale skin but I have finally found a foundation that totally blends with my skin color and gives me coverage but still looks natural. The primer helps keep my oily skin at bay all day, so I can survive the Florida summer humidity with almost no shine!!! My boyfriend even commented on how much he liked my makeup last night (no joke) compared to the makeup I usually wear!! Customer for life!! :)
R. McCloskey, FL
"I am so pleased to have found a creme foundation that is the PERFECT match for my skin tone (Golden Beige), and gives good coverage. Your under eye and face concealer are incredible (great coverage and long-lasting), and I definitely notice a difference when using the HydraPrime (much less shine)! Finally, your lip infusions are outstanding, the Dragon Fruit color was perfect! :D THANK YOU, PRIIA for such EXCELLENT products, you have a customer for life!"
S. Anderson, TX
"Hello PRIIA! I wanted to thank you for the wonderful products you make! I use your mineral shadows and they really last on me all day. I absolutely love love love the Vacation In a Jar!! I have never used a bronzer that really made me look like I had a nice tan glow. I don't get any streaks or strnage color. I get a great tan without the harmful effects of the sun. I get a lot of compliments when I use it. I can not be without it! Thanks!!!"
M. Blanco, NJ

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