Skin Care Quick Tip: Winter Skin & Hot Water

As an esthetician, one of the most common complaints I hear in the cold winter months is that a client's skin feels dry, tight and dehydrated.

One of the biggest culprits for skin feeling this way is that because it's colder outside, we tend to take hotter showers and baths.  The hotter the water and the higher the foam content of your bath products, the dryer your skin will become. 

Here's a Few Winter Skin Tips For You 

I'll admit it- I LOVE hot showers!  But, I hate what my skin looks and feels like when I go to apply my makeup afterwards.  So, what I do is to wash my face with tepid water at the sink BEFORE I take myWoman washing face shower.  This way, I avoid getting the hot water on my face but I don't feel chilly and uncomfortable when I'm showering .  I also use products that are sulphate-free.  You can find an array of bath products (including shampoos) that have natural, plant-based surfactants so you still get the foamy lather without all the moisture-stripping chemicals.  My favorite sulphate-free body washes are by Bella Lucce.  By the way, PRIIA Natural Skin Care facial cleansers will all be sulphate-free!

Since I'm still guilty of taking a hot shower, my body can feel a little dry and itchy if I fail to hydrate my skin.  So, I follow the "3-Minute Rule".  I apply all moisturizers (face & body) no more than three minutes after showering to help lock in moisture.

Question: Do you notice that your skin changes during the cold, winter months?  If so, what changes occur for you?  Leave your comments in the form below.  Thank you!

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