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Perfect Foundation Application

How To Use Our Loose Mineral Jars

1. Remove the jar lid. DO NOT remove the clear sifter seal. Instead, use a pin to open a couple of holes through the seal. If you peel off the sifter completely, too much powder will be able to flow out which can become messy.

2. Tap out a few sprinkles of powder into the lid of the jar. Dispense LESS than what you think you'll need. A little goes a long way with our minerals!

3. Choose your brush based upon your desired coverage. Our Jumbo Flat Top Brush will provide more full coverage. Our Jumbo Powder Buffer Brush will provide a lighter application.

PRIIA's Signature Loose Mineral Foundation 'Stamp & Blend' Technique

1. Dip your brush head into the lid to pick up some powder, tap off any excess minerals back into the lid. Now you're ready to apply.

2. Starting at the outside edges of your face working in a clockwise manner, gently 'stamp' the brush on your skin and then go back and blend down and outwards in one direction. 

3. Go back and repeat this process working toward the inside of the face until you reach your desired coverage amount. Blend well into the hairline and down onto the neck and decollete`area. There's no need for rigorous buffing- gentle down and outward blending is all you have to do with PRIIA®.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us
. We will be happy to assist you.

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