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Mineral Makeup FAQ

What's the best way to find my perfect foundation color?

The best way to find your perfect foundation match is to follow our simple step-by-step instructions here: FOUNDATION MATCHING

Will PRIIA® mineral makeup make my skin dry?

No. PRIIA's mineral makeup will not dry out the skin's protective barrier. Our mineral makeup is actually formulated to help prevent TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss). Before applying any foundation, your skin should be properly prepped with skin type/skin condition specific skin care products.

Why does my mineral foundation look uneven and blotchy?

The biggest culprit for causing an uneven and blotchy makeup appearance is using too much moisturizer and/or not letting your skin care products fully absorb before applying your foundation.

When there's excess skin care product (i.e. moisturizer, SPF, etc.) on the surface of the skin, the minerals will grab onto it making your foundation look uneven and patchy.

Be sure to work your skin care products completely into your skin. Don't just slather them on one after the other. After you've properly applied your skin care products wait until they've fully absorbed before you apply your foundation.

I have large pores and fine lines. How do I prevent my mineral foundation from accentuating them?

If you have large pores, fine lines and/or textured skin, we suggest using one of our primers before foundation application. Our primers help to give the skin an even and smooth surface which greatly improves the overall look of your foundation application.

My foundation looks 'cakey'. Why?

If your foundation looks 'cakey' after application, then you've used too much product to start. Our mineral foundations are customizable and buildable so start off with less than what you think you'll need. You can always add another layer or two until you reach you're desired coverage.

I have oily skin. How do I prevent oily breakthrough during the day?

If you typically experience oily shine throughout the day, use our Foundation Primer before foundation application and then set your makeup with our HydraControl HD Powder. Reapply as necessary.

What's the best way to apply PRIIA's loose mineral foundation?

PRIIA's Signature Loose Mineral Foundation 'Stamp & Blend' Technique

1. Dip your brush head into the lid to pick up some powder, tap off any excess minerals back into the lid. Now you're ready to apply.

2. Starting at the outside edges of your face working in a clockwise manner, gently 'stamp' the brush on your skin and then go back and blend down and outwards in one direction. 

3. Go back and repeat this process working toward the inside of the face until you reach your desired coverage amount. Blend well into the hairline and down onto the neck and decollete`area. There's no need for rigorous buffing- just gentle down and outward blending is all you have to do with PRIIA®.

How do I achieve ultimate full-coverage with your foundation?

We offer two different types of foundation- a loose powder foundation and a liqui-creme foundation. Both are suitable for all skin types and they can be used together or on their own. Also, both foundation types allow for completely customizable coverage.

If you're looking for ultimate full-coverage, please see the following application tips & techniques:

  • Apply our Loose Mineral Foundation in several layers using our Jumbo Flat Top brush.

  • Apply our Velvet Mineral Foundation in several layers using our Foundation Blurring brush.

  • Apply our Loose Mineral Foundation in several layers using a dampened Jumbo Flat Top Brush. Use our Setting Essence Spray to dampen your brush. 

  • Apply a layer of Velvet Mineral Foundation and then a layer of Loose Mineral Foundation over top. 

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