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Brush Care


Let's face it, when you purchase high-quality, professional cosmetic brushes, you are making a significant investment.  In order to protect your investment, proper care of your brushes is highly recommended. 

Properly cleaning your makeup brushes will save you time, money, and even your skin! Each time you use your brushes, they become contaminated with skin oils, bacteria, debris, and old, oxidized colors. Cleaning your brushes will help remove these contaminants so that your makeup application will not only be easier, but also be fresher and cleaner. Plus, your brushes will last so much longer.

Your brushes should be thoroughly cleaned at least once per week with a gentle water-based brush shampoo or cleanser.  It doesn't need to be a hassle- all you need is about 5 minutes. 

How To Wash Your Brushes:

  • Simply run your brushes under warm water and apply the cleanser to the bristles. Gently massage the cleanser into the hairs or fibers, but do not fully submerge the brush in water. Always point your brushes downward, taking care not to get water into the ferrule, the part of the brush that connects to the handle and the bristles. Getting water into the ferrule will loosen the bristles, causing the brush to shed excessively. Continue to wash the brush thoroughly, but gently, until there isn’t any more pigment coming out from the bristles.

  • Next, gently squeeze out any excess water, re-shape the bristles if necessary, and hang your brushes either upside down or flat on the edge of a counter to dry. Never stand the brushes upright to dry.

  • Last but not least, once your brushes are dry, re-shape if necessary and store them in a closed container such as a clean makeup case or even a plastic bag. This will prevent environmental pollutants such as dust, pet dander, and mold spores from finding their way onto your makeup brushes and eventually onto your skin.
We recommend using a brush cleaner spray, such as Cinema Secrets for in-between cleanings to help remove daily residue.  It thoroughly dissolves all mineral pigments, sebum buildup and whisks away dead skin cells, leaving your brushes fresh, clean and ready for the next application.
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