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Q. I don't have acne.  Can I still use your products?
A. Yes.  Our products actually work with all skin types due to the ingredients in our formulas.  However, if you have very dry skin you may enjoy using the creme varieties of some of our products versus the loose choices.

Q. Will your products make me breakout?
A. No.  Our products are specifically formulated to be safe AND beneficial for acne-prone skin types.  Our products are acne safe, non-comedogenic AND non-acnegenic.

Q. Do your products cure acne?
A. No. Acne cannot be cured; only controlled.  Our products are not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. They work synergistically with any professional skin care regimen that you may be currently using.  If you have acne and are not being treated, we recommend consulting with a qualified skin care and acne specialist.

Q. I'm sensitive to gluten.  Are your products gluten-free?
A. Yes.  All of our products are gluten-free.

Q. Are your products cruelty-free?
A. Yes.  All of our products are cruelty-free. We do not test on animals nor do we purchase ingredients from companies who animal test. PRIIA® is certified 100% Cruelty-Free through PETA's 'Beauty without Bunnies' consumer awareness program.

Q. Do your products contain Bismuth Oxychloride or Talc?
A. No.  We do not use bismuth oxychloride in any of our formulas due to the skin sensitivities it can cause in some individuals. We do not use Talc in our formulas due to the fact that it is known to cause clogged pores.

Q. Do your products contain SPF?
A. Yes and No. Our foundations contain both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These ingredients are considered physical broad spectrum UVA/UVB ray blockers by the FDA. However, our foundations have not been tested for a specific SPF rating. Therefore we do not make any drug claims and advise customers to wear a separate SPF product before applying their PRIIA® foundation(s). Please note that we do offer a Tinted SPF40 which is FDA approved for the use of sun protection.

Q. How can I learn more about your ingredients?
A. Please visit our INGREDIENT PAGE and also our company's PHILOSOPHY PAGE for in-depth information.

Q. Do you offer sample sizes to try?
A. Yes.  We offer sample/trial sizes for most of our products.  We highly encourage customers to purchase samples BEFORE committing to purchase full-size products as we do not accept returns or exchanges.

Q. I'm confused as to which products and colors will be best for me.  Can you help?
A. Yes.  Please feel free to email us at: . We answer emails on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.  If you need foundation matching assistance, please use our complimentary Foundation Matching Service here: FOUNDATION MATCHING

Q. I'm used to using another brand of mineral makeup.  What's the best way to try PRIIA's products?
A. First, we recommend purchasing sample sizes.  Next, please visit our MINERAL MAKEUP 101 and PERFECT FOUNDATION APPLICATION pages for in-depth product tutorials. If you need assistance with choosing a foundation color, visit our FOUNDATION MATCHING page.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
A. Orders are shipped within 48 to 72hrs of being received into our system depending on the day your order was placed. Please note that we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. We ship via USPS first class and priority mail which usually takes 8-13 days (first class) or 5 to 10 days (priority mail) to deliver AFTER the order leaves our facility. Please see our SHIPPING SCHEDULE for further details.

Q. Are there any locations close to me where I can purchase your products?
A.  Please send us an email at: . We're happy to help you find an authorized retailer close to you who carries our products.

Q. I'm interested in carrying your products in my business.  How do I get more information?
A. Please visit our WHOLESALE PAGE for more information about our business partner opportunities.

Still have more questions?  Email your question(s) to: .  We'll be happy to assist you.