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Beauty Quick Tip: What To Do When You’ve Applied Too Much Blush

Blush Mistake

We've all done it.  Gotten a little too over-zealous with the blush.  Before you know it, our cheek color application is making us look like we've gotten a slap across the face.  Ouch!

What's the best way to deal with this makeup mistake?

It's easy!  Instead of trying to rub away excess product and pigment which will only make your skin 'pink up' even more, simply apply a light application of face powder over the problem area and gently buff over the blush mistake.  This will greatly tone down and diffuse the look of too much cheek color.

To avoid making this mistake again in the future, be sure to tap off any excess cheek color before applying it to the face.  Remember that the first place your blush brush will touch will deposit the most amount of pigment.  So, instead of plunking the brush right onto the apples of your cheeks, start at your hairline and gently move the brush forward.  Continue with a light 'sweeping' motion back and forth horizontally.  To blend away any obvious blush lines, move the brush over the blush line in an up and down motion.  This softens the look, making it appear more natural- the way blush is really meant to be.




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